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Traditional Marketing Renaissance – The Trend is Coming Back

Traditional marketing has gone under the radar during the Internet boom, which has given companies the possibility to advertise themselves and promote their products in a variety of ways. At that time, the real-life marketing was as good as dead, and served as a mere reminder that a particular brand is still here, waiting for you on the world wide web. However, the times are changing once again, and small startup companies now finally have the opportunity to jump in and claim the available space before it gets saturation once again.

Internet and traditional marketing are not that different. If you are willing to take over the physical world with your product, then you should start looking for companies with similar interests (but in no way com-petitors obviously), connect with them and organize a small promotional event. Depending on your product, an event marquee and a projector may be all you need. Not only will it cut down the costs for each company, but it will also increase your public reach, giving you a wider audience and higher chance of selling your product.

If organizing a joint event is not option, you should definitely apply for the closes convention or fair which is related to your business or product. Be aware, however, that you will have a lot less control of how you’re going to represent it as it will have to fit within fair’s guidelines. Depending on how many companies will be present, you will most likely have less space for your stand and a lot less time in the spotlight, if any. That is not to say that there aren’t any benefits to promoting yourself at a convention. A larger crowd only means that there will be many more potential clients, even if their attention span won’t be as long.

If you are trying to bring a product closer to the masses but don’t have many funds, guerrilla marketing may be just your thing. Let’s say your product is a new aftershave cream (a somewhat boring example, but bear with me), what you can do is start placing small, well-designed packages throughout the city, while photographing the location of each and putting it up on your Facebook or Instagram for everyone to see, and hopefully find. The action alone should generate a lot of traffic, and give people a free sample of what you’re offering.

In order to set yourself apart from other companies and offer your customers something to remember you by. Back in the days, merchandise would do the job, but now that it has become easy to print logos on pens and iPhone cases, you must find a new approach. Try including certain meaningful extras and bonuses in your offer which can only be obtained by, let’s say, bringing a friend to your event, or tweet-ing/instagramming with a certain hashtag. In this case it would leave your potential customer with a little something, as well as promote your brand on the internet.

As you can see, traditional marketing does not only imply the use of billboards and annoying posters cluttering up the city, but can still be successfully implemented, as long as you’re doing something unique and fresh. Do not forget the internet though, as it will most certainly serve in pushing your marketing campaign online and spread the word.

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