Train To Do 50 Pushups

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Do 50 Pushups

You Can Do It

In order to do 50 pushups you need to train. For most people, working towards a goal of 50 pushups is well within reach, even if it feels like that is a lofty goal in the beginning. Training to do pushups is one of the most motivating things that you can do, because the progress that is made in just a short time is measurable and noticeable.

Watch Your Form

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Doing pushups is not difficult but it does require good form. Bad form can easily lead to injury so don’t let that happen. Also, if regular pushups are too difficult for you feel free to put your weight on your knees instead of your feet. You can work your way up to regular pushups. Proper form of a pushup is to have your hands about shoulder width apart and keep your back straight. Keep your feet fairly close together. Use a steady motion and don’t touch the ground when at the bottom of the pushup.

Figure Out Your Baseline

Before you begin to train to do more pushups you need to know where you are now. To begin, simply do as many pushups as you can do with good form. Don’t worry what the number is. Just be honest and keep goof form to avoid an injury. Don’t push too hard on the last one if you can’t make it. Record your maximum. This is your starting point, and the least number of pushups you will ever do again once you follow a program to increase your maximum pushup ability.


Train To Do 50 Pushups, Seekyt

To increase to 50 pushups you will need repetition. That means you need to commit to doing pushups every 2-3 days. Always take 1 day of rest between pushups. Two days is acceptable, but don’t let it be three except on rare occasion. You want to keep those muscles working.

The Workout

To begin, take your maximum pushup count from your initial test and divide it by 3, and do three sets of this many pushups. So, if you could manage to do 12 pushups, you should do three sets of 4 pushups. Rest 30-60 seconds between sets. On the final set you can do as many pushups as you can manage with good form. Don’t overdo it. That is one workout.

Analyze and Adjust

After each workout, analyze how it went. If it was very easy for you to do the first 2 sets and in the 3rd you could do many more than the require number of pushups, you are ready to increase the repetitions per set. Add the number that you think is right to make the sets challenging but not impossible. In the beginning that might be 1. Once you get going that might be more. Write that done and make that your next workout.

Recalculate Your Baseline

After two weeks it is time for a test. After at least 1 day of rest take this test. Do as many pushups as you can in a row with good form. That is your new baseline. If you have practiced pushups every 2-3 days you should find that this number is higher than the last test. Congratulations! You are on your way. Now just repeat the cycle, dividing that number by 3 and moving on, adjusting as you go.

Accomplishing 50 Pushups

Many people strive to reach 100 pushups, and that is achievable for many people, but accomplishing a goal of 50 pushups is fantastic and reachable by far more people. Once you have reached your goal, do 50 pushups a few times per week to keep your strength up. You will now notice the strength in your chest, shoulders and triceps. If you want to increase to 100 pushups or more, go for it. If not, just continue to do 50 pushups and don’t stop.

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Train To Do 50 Pushups, Seekyt
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