Trained Dogs Are Happier Dogs

Trained Dogs Are Happier Dogs

Dog training is one of the most important, yet often overlooked, aspects of dog ownership. While some people feel that dogs are happier when they have complete freedom to play and explore without any boundaries, this is not the case. Dogs benefit from obedience training because it keeps them safe and happy.


Dogs that have gone through obedience training are happier because their owners can safely give them more freedom. These dogs can run and explore outdoors because their owners trust them to return when they are called. It’s easier to take trained dogs to public places since they know not to cause a scene by barking and jumping.

This allows dogs and owners to spend time more time together and ultimately leads to a greater bond between them.


A dog that’s gone through obedience training is less likely to get hurt. For example, a well-trained dog that’s about to chase his ball into the street will stop with a simple heel command. If there is an oncoming car, his ability to adhere to this command could save his life.

A dog that makes a new friend at the dog park can rely on his owner’s commands to tell him what to do and how to handle the situation. This will make things safer and more pleasant for both the dogs and their owners.

Reward Good Behavior

The simplest way for a dog owner to train his pet is to reward good behavior. The owner should first decide what behaviors he would like to teach his dog. Many people choose to focus on sit, stay and come.

Keep training sessions short and simple. If the sessions are too long or complex, both the dog and owner will tire out and give up.

Find Success

While dog training seems like a simple concept, it can actually be quite complex. It pays to enlist the help of a specialist. Dog training in Tampa, Florida uses the expertise of professionals to help owners train their dogs more quickly and competently.

Obedience training helps both dogs and their owners. Dogs get to experience more freedom and are safer because they know to respect the boundaries their owners put in place for them. Their owners are happier because they can trust their pets to behave and take them to places they couldn’t take them if they weren’t trained.