News Training Your Dog To Turn Off Lights

Training Your Dog To Turn Off Lights


Dogs are very smart animals and can learn extremely quickly. Almost every dog knows basic commands such as sit, lay, heel and shake. More experienced dogs may even learn how to roll over and play dead. By owning a smart and tall enough dog, you can teach them how to turn off the lights.

The first thing you need to do is teach your dog politeness. Before you can teach him advanced tricks he first needs to learn how to stay calm and listen to his owner. Every dog should be trained well enough where he obeys his owner on the first instruction and he doesn’t jump on strangers when they arrive.

After the first step is successfully completed you then will have to think of a word to say to your dog when you want him to turn the lights off. “Off” or “lights” may be a great word to use. You can also teach him to turn the lights on by using the word “on” or “lights”.

Now, have your dog sit in front of the light switch on the wall and carefully lift his front paws up onto the light switch by pushing the switch in the down position. Repeat your magic word you want to use as you are having your dog do this. After you have lifted his front paws up a few times, say the word you want him to respond to as he does it by himself. It is hoped to be that, after a few times, your dog will be able to quickly understand. It is important to repeat this step a few times and to practice it daily so your dog fully understands. Rewarding your dog after he has completed a trick is helpful in training him. Some owners believe in rewarding the animal with treats while others reward their pets with attention.

Remember that repetition and patience is the best way for a dog to learn anything. This is true whether you are training a dog to turn off the lights or helping your dog learn any other tricks.

Training Your Dog To Turn Off Lights
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