Transform your outdoor space with a large outdoor privacy screen

Installing a large outdoor privacy screen in your back yard can work wonders, transforming it from a dull grey space to a lovely sanctuary where you’ll want to spend your long Summer evenings. Summer is just around the corner so now is a great time to think about how you can remodel your outside space.

You might have a large outside space that you want to break up into smaller, more intimate areas to make it feel less open and provide a backdrop for ornate seating or a creative plant display, also shielding you from the prying eyes of neighbours! Or you may have a small back yard that is taken up with garbage cans or air conditioning units and want to make it a little more pleasing on the eye. Whatever space or budget you have to work with, there’s a great range of privacy screens out there so there is sure to be something on the market to suit you.

Cedar Yard Privacy Kit - YardistryIdeas for small backyard spaces

If you have a small, concrete-walled area for your backyard which could do with livening up, how about firstly making the area look bigger by attaching a mirror or reflective covering to a part of the wall, or painting it with silver paint? Then you could hang a Faux Ivy Privacy Screen over it and fix to the wall. The mirror will reflect in the sun and enhance the ivy, making it look fuller. This type of screen is designed with fabric leaves to give it a realistic look and can be left up all year as it’s durable enough to withstand all weathers. You could also use the faux ivy on a front porch to conceal a seating area.

Reed Privacy FenceFor a more ‘urban beach’ look, there is the Reed Privacy Fence. It’s made of natural reed grass and at 4 ft high it will provide you with privacy and serve as a great backdrop to some outdoor plants. For a bright contrast go for some big pots in bright colours and patterns, such as cobalt blue or a burnt orange – (Talavera have a good range), or for a more sophisticated look, choose the Strathwood Square Zinc Planters. Plant some grasses or ferns that will make a gentle rustling sound in the breeze while you’re outside sunbathing and you’ll have a relaxing sanctuary.

Create private areas in a large garden

If you’re lucky to have a good sized garden, then you might want to use a large privacy screen to partition it off and create smaller, more private spaces.

feature nookYardistry have a range of kits that are ideal for creating your own bespoke outdoor living space. Mix and match your own choice of lattice panels, arbors, cornices, planters and other accessories and assemble yourself using the step-by-step guide provided. How about adding a feature nook – a perfect cosy area for reading a book or a romantic interlude.

If you’re looking for something a little more creative, then a Bronzed Metal Privacy Screen with lattice detailing could be what you’re looking for. The screen, from Improvements, comes in a set of four panels, but you can easily attach more to make the screen wider. The advantage of having lattice panels is also that it will allow you to grow climbing vines up the sides for more privacy and to soften the look. You could also string up some pretty fairy lights if you’re having an outdoor drinks party or barbeque.

Bronzed Metal Privacy Screen

If you live in an area that gets scorching hot in the Summer, then you might be looking for a large outdoor privacy screen for a more practical purpose – to screen out the sun’s harmful rays and provide a cooler, shaded area for you and your plants. For this purpose, a fabric screen is the best as it is the most versatile. You can hang it over a pergola or any type of metal or wooden frame, or even make some curtains out of it to create your own den. Make it into a turkish-style lounge area by adding a patterned rug and some large cushions and it will be a great space for relaxation. Coolaroo do a range of fabric screens which will block out upto 90 percent of UV rays and make it over 30 percent cooler when you’re underneath. They also do a very cool range of fabric sails in bright colors that you can string up between two trees or other frame – these would look great by the side of a swimming pool. However you decide to remodel your outdoor space, you really can be as creative as you want!

Which ideas for large outdoor privacy screens do you like the best?