transformer legends class devastator review

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welcome to my first review hopefully i will be doing a few more over time. today i am going to be talking about the transformers revenge of the fallen legends class devastator.

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now there are two different types of this toy available they are most notable by there different box styles. for one of them you will get a mostly portrait style box with seven different transformers already arranged into there combined configuration. the second comes with the seven all separate in there Vachel modes. other than there organization when you first receive them there is no difference in the two toys. as a result this should not be a deciding factor into weather or not to buy one or the other. They are both the same

the plastic of these figures is very good quality. all seven of the figures including the elusive overload (speaking of which he appears in the move for around 2 seconds and is not even present in the combiner class where does he keep going ?. just something i find funny.) are very sturdy and they don’t fell like they will fall apart with repeated play which is always an issue with transformers and small children . another thing to note is that they have not all just been painted one overall colour and left which would have been very easy for the manufacturers to do.

a factor which i be leave makes this figure quite frankly amazing is that all of the individual 7 robots have there own distinct individual robot, veickal and body part mode. every robots veickal mode is very different from the last. its not just a bunch of cars which different paint schemes. they are all very easy to transform with the aception of demolisher he can be quite difficult at times. they all look great in robot mode and have not been impeded by there need to become body parts at all.

each robot becomes a very different body part for devastator. something which i particularly like is how well hidden devastator’s head is with in mix masters vechal mode you cant tell that it is there even if you look from underneath. the legs stand freely and alone with out much fear of them tipping over and the body torso is thick and sturdy. the joints where the parts attach are great no chance of pulling them of by mistake. he attaches together very easily and will happily stay in combined mode with very little effort.

overall i think this is a really great figure. kids will be able to play with it with out fear of breaking it and adult collectors will love it in there collection as it is incredible impressive .

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