News Translate Foreign Text to Your Language: Google Translate

Translate Foreign Text to Your Language: Google Translate


Google Translate translates a foreign text to your language in the online application. You can translate 50 different languages with Google Translate. For example, you can translate Spanish text to English text and vice versa. That sounds like a good thing for Spanish homework. Today the world is more of a global village than ever before with people of different nationalities intermingling across international borders. This could make the Google Translate app a valuable personal and business tool for translating foreign languages.

After receiving a comment in Russian (Yeah Russian, go figure) on one of my articles. I used Google Translate to translate the comment from Russian to English. Here’s how you can do it too. Type into your web browsers address bar and click return to go to the Google Translate website. You should see two drop-down menus above a text box on the left side of the page. The drop down on the left is labeled “From” and the one on the right is labeled “To.” Use these drop downs to choose a language to translate from and to. Paste the text that you’re translating into the text box and click the translate button. The translation should appear to the right of the text box.

You can try it using the Spanish greeting “Buenos dias.” First choose Spanish from the “From” drop down menu and choose English from the “To” drop down menu. Paste the words “Buenos dias” into the text box and press translate. Google translate will render an English translation of “Good Morning.” This example is just a simple phrase but Translate will also translate sentences and entire paragraphs. Another nice feature of this app is that it has buttons that play audio of the text that you’re working with. Using the Google Translate application to translate foreign language text to your language for business or personal use makes working with foriegn languages a little easier.

Translate Foreign Text to Your Language: Google Translate
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