Travel For Foodies – What Countries in Europe should i visit?

When you are foodie, you may be scouring your Canadian destination guides for more information about where you can eat rather than where you can stay! No matter what kind of foodie you are, travel brings you some great chances to try new and interesting foods, and if you are headed to Europe, there are some places that you simply should not miss. So who has the most interesting food on the continent?


If you like your food rich, varied and exciting, make sure that you spend some time in Turkey, especially in Istanbul. Istanbul is the place to go when you want to try some real doner kebab, which is essentially grilled meat on a bed of rice and butter. This is the traditional way to serve this mouthwatering treat, though you might be more familiar with the modern version that involves grilled meat on a pita. Turkey is also not a bad choice for vegetarians, though it is rough on vegans.


When it comes to pasta, no one does it like the Italians, and this is the country where you can try some truly amazing pasta dishes. While there are plenty of fascinating Italian pasta dishes out there, make sure that you take the time to head to the nearest restaurant to experience some Spaghetti Napolitana. This deceptively simple dish consists of a red sauce on noodles, but it is one of the signature dishes of the country. Also don’t forget that the various cities have their own specialties; when you are seeing the sites from city to city, don’t forget to try food that might have been different from your previous stopover.


When it comes to fine dining, you can’t forget about Paris, and though most Canadian travel guides will direct you to the haute cuisine immediately, don’t forget that Paris also has a rich culture of street food. If you are seeing Paris on foot (which is far less traumatic than seeing it by car), grab a crepe from one of the many street-side stands. You can find crepes that are savory or sweet, and they make a great meal to eat while you are on the run.


Bulgaria is a place where many cultures have come together, and if you are interested in both traditional Bulgarian cuisine as well as interesting fusion cuisine, this is the place to go. You’ll find food from Turkey, Hungary and Russia in Bulgaria, as well as traditional Bulgarian fare like mish-mash, which is essentially a vegetable omelet served with Bulgarian feta.


Beligum is a great place to go if you have a sweet tooth, and if you are going to look for dessert, you should definitely stop by Bruges. This one city has more than 50 chocolate shops, and many people consider it to be the chocolate capital of the country. Even if you are not interested in chocolate, you shouldn’t miss out on the traditional treat of Belgian waffles, served fresh with hot caramel.

There are many wonderful places to go in Europe, and you should take a moment to think about what you want to eat while you are there. See what your Canadian destination guides have to say about your favorite spots!