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Travel to Fraser Island

Fraser Island is located on the northeast coast of Australia just off the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef and is the largest sand island of the world. Fraser Island has stunning beaches, wonderful lakes and lush rainforests. Because of its outstanding universal natural and cultural significance Fraser Island was listed as a World Heritage area in 1991. Since then the island and its wildlife have been protected.

Fraser Islands Attractions

The island has more than 40 lakes, classified into three types; window, barrage and perched. Window lakes lie below water lever and as the water is constantly filtered by the fine white sand. This makes the water of the lakes so pure. Perched lakes are formed above the water table and are filled by rainwater. Fraser Island’s Lake Boomanjin takes up nearly 80 acres of surface area and is the largest perched dune like lake in the world.

There are over 750 different species of flowers, plants and trees. What is unique about Fraser Island’s plant life is that it is able to draw their nutrients directly from the sand.

Fraser Island Wildlife

Fraser Island is a home to more than 350 species of birds. When you travel to Fraser Island you can see species such as the kingfisher, cockatoo, pelican, tern, seagull, sea eagle, osprey and peregrine falcon. If you are lucky you may even get to see the rare and endangered ground parrot. There are also a unique variety of reptiles and amphibians such as frogs, snakes, lizards and skinks. There is also a wide variety of Australian native animals living on the island; there are some the last remaining pure dingoes, wallaby, possum, flying possum, flying fox and sugar gliders making their home on the island. There are also brumbies and wild horses on the island.

If you travel Fraser Island during August through October, there are more than 1500 humpback whales that can be seen as they are travelling from Harvey Bay to the Antarctic for migration. The mothers and babies usually start to arrive back during mid September.

How to get to Fraser Island

To can travel to Fraser Island either by a 45 minute flight from Brisbane, 3.5 hour drive from Brisbane or a 30 minute ferry ride to Fraser Island from Hervey Bay.

Ferry to the Island

A round trip ferry costs about US $30

4 Wheel Drive Vehicle with passengers cost US$140

Please note only 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles are allowed on the island.


During Peak season accommodation is around US$285 to $335 a night with a 3 night minimum stay.

During Off-Peak Season there is no minimum stay and expect to pay around US$235 to $275 per night.

*This is for accommodation at the Kingfisher Bay Resort

Other important notes

There are no paved roads outside the resort so only 4-wheel-drive vehicles are allowed on Fraser Island. You can hire a vehicle from the resort. It is recommended to go on a guided tour before exploring the island on your own. Beaches are considered legal roads on Fraser Island and normal Queensland road rules apply. No dogs or other domesticated animals are allowed on the island. The best time to visit is from August to October.

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