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Traveler's Tips: What to do on the plane to avoid boredom?

When we make a trip by plane for several hours, it is more likely that if we do not travel at night (this facilitates our predisposition to sleep) we can get bored even though we have the media system of the aircraft at our disposal to listen or view content. Do not get bored on the plane ends up being a challenge for any traveler, but we have some suggestions that will allow us to have fun and feel that the time has flown:

Electronic devices. Although at various times of the trip we will have to turn them off and we can only use it in airplane mode (without WiFi) we have our iPod or electronic tablet with games, movies, books and music galleries to keep us entertained. Do not forget to load your favorite music.

Read / write. Whether in electronic or in a book, this election will give us part of entertaining to do for several hours. If you manage a blog, web, or simply like us to write, this time we can devote to travel update our notes (if we’re taking the laptop on the trip, we can use for these activities). If you do not have a book we can apply magazines or newspapers in the commercial flight.

Audiobooks / Movies. Ideal for those who prefer not to stare at one point, as it should be to read, and they want to hear something more than music. With audiobooks just have to relax and listen. It is likely that we have available a personal media system at each seat or to place a movie for the whole flight, in both cases, this will keep us entertained for at least a couple of hours at most.

Socializing. If traveling alone this time may be an opportunity to talk and meet other people, as our seatmate is ideal to start a pleasant conversation and general themes. With a pleasant conversation we realize the passing hours.

Some tips for travelers

Personal presentation

Subject to the opinions, tastes, or any label requirement that is passed, it is recommended that men wear their hair as short as possible within good taste, whether on business or flat cap will be lowered if ‘work street. ‘ The latter will save valuable time cleaning and grooming, especially if you use only soap instead of shampoo and other hair cosmetics. It is advisable to carry a shaved head because it will imply zero risk of sunburn or excessive cooling.

The same is true of nails, including the feet, and including women. During a business trip, as on a camping trip are minimal opportunities for maintaining artificial nails, relieve ingrown toenails, touch up the nail polish or protect natural bumps and breaks. It is best to take toenails trimmed flush with the finger, smooth corners and without cosmetics (women), the hands, finger flush (men) or not longer than 5 mm, decorated with enamel transparent or ‘French’ (women), which is professional, elegant and easy to tweak. If the trip will last more than a week, it would be prudent to take the luggage a nail clipper and file.

The makeup of the travelers on business must be lightweight, unobtrusive, easy and quick to apply, taking their confidence cosmetic (skin irritation in a strange land is undesirable), if you do not have this knowledge, it should acquire and practice at least one week prior to the next trip. As for body and facial hair, consider a professional hair removal at most two days before the trip, that will give about a week of carelessness in this matter.

The men who dislike to such procedures as women have no choice but to take one or two disposable razors, new and good quality, and a few minutes to shave every day, every other day matching mustache and beard, who use .

Space for the memories

Both the suitcase as the primary school must be provided from before starting a space for souvenirs, additional documents and make it dirty clothes at the end of the trip (usually takes up more space than clean). This will keep spending money and energy in a third suitcase or backpack, always keeping at least one hand free for what you need.
The last day of travel, as the eve of the first, you have to devote an hour to accommodate luggage, avoiding the very common and distressing phenomenon that things that fit well in the game, bursting suitcase latches in the back .

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