Traveling in Chicago

Traveling in Chicago, can very expensive depending on how you travel around the city. There are many different ways to travel around the city. You just have to pick the right transportation for you and your family.

The first way to travel around in the City of Chicago is Public Transportation. This will consist of; buses, train, and Merta. You will have to pay to use these services. You are able to use cash only on buses and the will cost you $2.25 for each bus that you take. However, you will be able to use fare cards, Chicago card, and Chicago Card plus. With using these cards, the first ride will cost $2.00, then the second ride will cost $0.25, and finally the third ride will be free. You are able to get these cards at the local CTA building, currency exchanges, or the fare card machines located at all CTA train stations. When it comes to the Merta, you will have to call them to find out their prices because it depends on where you are going. To contact Merta please call 1-312-322-6777. If you are disable to a senior citizen you have to see if you qualify for either free or reduced fare. There is also another way to pay the fares with saving money at the same times. They are called Unlimited Bus fare cards. You are able to buys these at some stores and currency exchange.

The next way to travel around in the City of Chicago is by cabs. Cabs might be good for people that are in hurry or traveling for they do not have to worry about their luggage. Different cab companies have different prices on the cab fares. You will just have to find out which one will be the best for you.

The last way is by having a car. Having car is the most expensive way of traveling around the City of Chicago. Between the car loan, car insurance, maintenance, and gas can be expensive. Just with the gas, prices can be a killer on the pocket book. Depending on what type of car that you have you could be spending over $100 to fill up the gas tank. Having a car, you could be spending thousands of dollars a year just to have a car.

There are many different ways to travel in the City of Chicago. It just depends on how you want to travel around in this big city.