Travelling the Globe on a Low budget

Travelling to Exotic places around the globe can cost thousands of pounds however there are several ways to reduce the cost. The main areas of expenditure during a global trip are generally; accommodation, transport and food. We take a look at ways to reduce those three areas and make a student gap year or an around the world trip with a loved one into an affordable choice.


When travelling to another country most tourists choose hotels or villas for their accommodation but there are several much cheaper options. Hostels are located in many different countries and allow tourists to have a room to sleep for a good price. Prices do vary from location to location but expect to pay between 10 – 25 Euros per night. The hostels found in smaller towns tend to cost less than those found in large cities. We suggest that you stay in a town and travel to the city during the day. Hostels will allow you to meet a lot of other travellers, which is a great way to pick up tips and advice.


The cost to travel from place to place can be very expensive, especially if you have to fly to a different country. If you plan out which countries you want to visit first you can see countries in the same region one after another and save greatly on flights. If you are thinking of travelling around America we suggest you use their low cost bus service called the Greyhound. The bus fare is cheaper than airfare although it will still cost between $100 and $300 per ticket. We suggest that you plan your route before starting your around the world trip and add this to your budget.


While many people consider the transport and accommodation to be the most expensive part of their holidays but they tend to forget food and drink. A meal at a restaurant can cost as much as a night in a hostel. We suggest that you set a weekly figure and you try not to eat out in cities too often. One option is to buy food from local shops and take packed lunches with you on day trips. This will drastically decrease your expenditure and allow you to spend more money on the activities the country has to offer.