Travelling to Malaysia? Some tips for you!

Malaysia is indeed one of the most exciting countries around the world. From the famous theme park and casinos in Genting Highland down to another famous Legoland in Johor! Besides all that, Malaysia also has one of the most beautiful islands and diving spots in Sabah. It has a lot of attractions there for those who loves diving, snorkelling and anything that has get to do with water. Furthermore, Malaysia is also considered to be a food paradise for all the cheap hawker stalls ranging from fried foods to local delicacies!! Despite all the corruption that has happen with the politics there, Malaysia is yet one of the best destinations in Asia that is worth to be visit. BUT! Every country does has its flaws. Here are some tips you should know before going on a holiday there:

  1. NEVER EVER call for a random taxi there. Taxi drivers there are literally “MUDERERS”. They will “slaughter” you with over expensive pricing even though you’re going from point A to point B with merely 1KM away. They would not use the meter at all and most of them give excuses like the meter is spoiled or not working. Because of that, they could charge you depending on how much they want to! Not all taxi drivers are like these of course, but majority of them do. You should always book a taxi from a taxi counter at the airport. That way, the price is constant and could not be change OR you could install these famous taxi app such as “Uber” or “MyTeksi”. (Remember, you have been warned!)
  2. DO NOT EVER WALK ALONE. When walking in the streets of Kuala Lumpur, it is best for you to bring along your group of friends or a guy with you if you’re a lady. Bag snatching and robberies is very common in the streets of Malaysia, especially to foreigners who tend to carry a lot of money inside their purse/wallet. Not only does it happen at night, daytime robberies is getting higher too! But if you were to travel alone, please always make sure to check your surrounding and if possible, do not bring your handbag along. You can always keep all your travel documents and cash in a small bag that doesn’t attract too much attention to all those unwanted people.
  3. ALWAYS jot down the emergency number that you should call if anything bad happens. Also, do check on Google Maps or any map application and memorise any landmark there if you are going to a place by taxi. Not all taxi drivers have good intention in helping people. There are a lot of kidnapping, rape and robberies that have happen between tourists and taxi drivers.

To sum up, Malaysia is one of the best destination to travel to and although it is a peaceful and harmony country, not all people there are good. Do follow these tips if you are going on a holiday there. Besides, taking care of your love ones and your own safety is always important.