Treadmill Floor Mats- Exercise Equipment Mats

Treadmill floor mats are a must have to protect the existing floor as well as floor coverings such as carpet, vinyl and tile. Damage can happen right away or it may take a while you never know. One thing for certain is that exercise equipment, especially when it’s heavy and moves, can end up costing you more to fix the damage than what you paid for the equipment. Why take the chance when you can buy a quality treadmill floor mat for a fraction of the cost?

Allow me to tell you my brief but costly story. I decided to purchase a stationary bike for home use and didn’t give much, if any, thought to the floor where it would sit. It just so happened that it was fairly thick carpet and figured it would be okay, however, the bike started to squeak, so I got the can of WD-40 to get rid of it.

This is where I blew it, I squirted underneath into the chain without having anything on the floor to catch the excess and it ended up dripping onto the carpet staining it badly. Bottom line I couldn’t get the stain out and had to replace carpet in the room that cost me more than the bike.

I should have had an exercise equipment mat or treadmill mat underneath. This is only one example of how exercise equipment can damage flooring, but believe me there are others. Many have experienced tears and scratches on wood and vinyl, carpet snagging and ripping, cracks in tile and so forth.

When choosing an exercise equipment mat the most important thing you need to keep in mind is the weight and size of the exercise equipment. The larger and heavier the machine the sturdier the mat needs to be for maximum floor protection. Secondly, depending on exercise intensity, consider the noise and impact factor.

The three most common types of treadmill floor mat materials are foam, vinyl and rubber with rubber being the sturdiest and longest lasting as well as more costly. Vinyl or PVC is the most popular due to its cheaper price and the fact that it comes in a large variety of sizes and thickness options. Vinyl treadmill floor mats do an excellent job of protecting floors for a home treadmill as long as weight and size are in proportion to one another.

Foam treadmill floor mats are known to compress faster and easier than others, as they are softer and hold up better under lightweight exercise equipment.

When you don’t take into consideration the weight and size of exercise equipment there is a good chance that you will need to replace mats quickly. So, it might we wise to spend a little more for one that matches up with your need.

Amazon is a great place to compare prices on treadmill floor mats/exercise floor mats and read their reviews.