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Treat Common Ailments Without Prescription Drugs

Reviewed By: ologsinquito on February 18, 2014

Your Natural Medicine Cabinet, is, as its subtitle suggests, a guide to treating common ailments without prescription drugs. Of course, some conditions may require pharmaceutical intervention. But, oftentimes, things are better treated naturally, according to author Burke Lennihan.

This is one of the best books I’ve ever read about taking control of your health. The author provides plenty of information on how to do that.

Product Attributes

This book is priced at $14.95, although Amazon may sell it for less. Its 260 pages are filled with natural remedies to address specific ailments and conditions.

Good Points

  • Your Natural Medicine Cabinet is written in a conversational style intended for non-medical professionals.
  • It contains a lot of advice on healthy living, such as changing your diet and avoiding non-ionizing radiation from computer screens and cellular telephones.
  • The author is a noted homeopath. Included in the book are specific remedies for various maladies.
  • Lennihan gives ‘quick fixes’ to get you through an acute situation, as well as longer-term solutions so the problem can be resolved.
  • She also tells you when to seek professional medical care, if the situation cannot be handled by a home remedy.

Easily Accessible Information

Readers can find information easily, as the book is broken down into sections. If you want to know how to best treat the flu, for instance, you turn to page 92. Lennihan starts by giving a homeopathic flu remedy widely used in Europe. Taken right after you are exposed, or at the very first signs, might even prevent the illness from progressing.

Once the strong symptoms take root, though, you’ll need something different. A list of the most common homeopathic flu remedies follow. You might also need herbal support if you develop a cough. The author tells you what herb works well.

Working Toward a Healthier Lifestyle

Lennihan provides plenty of tips on how to improve your general health. All of the remedies in her book will support you through a minor illness, but they won’t substitute for a health diet and adequate exercise.

Decreasing Our Reliance Upon Medication

Anyone looking for a more natural lifestyle, and hoping to reduce the need to take a prescription or an over-the-counter medication will find everything they need in this wonderful book, written by a noted homeopath who once ran a health food store. During this time, she gleaned a lot of knowledge about what supplements are the most helpful, and which ones don’t tend to work.

In her book, Lennihan explains that inferior supplements are not utilized well by the body. So she tells you which brands to buy.

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