Treat Muscle Spasms in Arm with Home Remedies

Muscle spasms in arm can be defined as uncontrolled movements or twitches in arms covering small muscle areas. Apart from arms, these twitches can take place at other body parts too. The contraction in muscles can happen even during the regular activities of daily life. These twitches often go unnoticed but when you feel them, they tend to appear worse. The pain can leave you breathless and make it difficult to move the affected area.

Muscle Spasms in Arm: The Causes:

Muscle spasms in arm can occur for some external and internal reasons. Improper functioning of the motor neurons, poor supply of oxygen inside the body, myotonia, cerebral palsy, damage in nerves, etc. cover the internal reasons of arm muscle spasms. It can also occur if the body fails to re-absorb the released calcium ions. External reasons may include inactive lifestyle, muscle injury due to accidents, occasional exercises, excessive exercises and stress, loss of body fluids and salts, having twist in arm during sports or other activities, etc. Apart from these, some other common reasons that can lead to muscle spasms in arm are pregnancy, intake of excessive caffeine, stings or bites of bugs, hypothyroidism, Parkinson’s disease, muscular dystrophy, and many more.

Home Remedies to Treat Muscle Spasms in Arm:

Consulting a doctor is always a good option for the treatment of muscle spasms in arm. However, depending on the severity of the pain, some home remedies can also be applied to treat cramp in arm muscles.

  • A gentle massage in the affected area can help the pain to subside. You can also rub a pain reliever to relieve the cramped muscles.
  • Take a warm bath or hot shower. It is a very good remedy for muscle cramp. The heat of water will soothe the strained muscles.
  • Taking some stretching can help you to get relief from muscle spasms in arm. Regular stretching is effective to keep future muscle spasms away.
  • You can also rub ice cube on the affected area or use hot-bag to soothe the sore muscles.

Foods for Treating Muscle Spasms in Arm:

Taking some certain foods can also help in controlling muscle spasms in arm.

  • The first and foremost remedy is to drink a lot of water and other fluids, as dehydration is a cause of arm muscle spasms.
  • Drinking chamomile tea at least five cups a day can help relaxing muscles as it contains a muscle-relaxing agent called glycine.
  • Two teaspoons of honey with meals can be very effective to prevent recurring muscle spasms.
  • Mustard and pickle juice are also helpful in preventing cramps.
  • Foods rich with Magnesium, such a broccoli, beans, seeds, etc. are very effective remedies of muscle spasms in arm. Make sure that your daily diet contains such foods.

Prevention of Muscle Spasms in Arm:

Prevention of a problem is always better than treatment. By maintaining some simple rules, you can effectively keep muscle spasms in arm away. Make a habit of regular exercise under the care of a trainer. Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids especially after exercise and during the summer season. Avoid foods like coffee and soda that tend to dehydrate the body.

Spasms in arm can appear to be a trivial matter. However, it can turn into something serious if left untreated. So, you must not ignore your muscle spasms in arm and consult a doctor if it lasts for a long time.