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Treating Hemorrhoids Quickly and Efficiently

Hemorrhoids Treatment

Hemorrhoid is a very common health problem today. Millions of people all over the world suffer from this extremely unpleasant condition. Although, hemorrhoids are rarely dangerous, the problem itself is extremely embarrassing.

Some types of hemorrhoids can cause extreme pain. Living with this problem will be almost impossible. Thus, you will need to seek the services of a highly qualified proctologist right away. There are many different treatment methods that can be used to cure hemorrhoids. Unfortunately, sometimes medicinal treatment is inefficient, but there are many traditional and herbal remedies for this problem.

Your proctologist will definitely suggest several most efficient medications to help you with your condition, but you can also do some research in order to learn alternative methods. This is the best option for people that don’t like taking drugs and medications in any form.
Bear in mind that hemorrhoids are often caused by unhealthy lifestyle. Thus, to make your treatment more efficient, you may need to change some of your habits.

Over the Counter Treatments

Your proctologist will definitely prescribe you some of the medications you can easily buy in every drug store. They come in many different formulas. Thus, you will be able to choose the treatment that you feel most comfortable using.

Some of these treatments contain phenylephrine or corticosteroids. Thus, they are extremely effective for bleeding hemorrhoids, because these medications constrict blood vessels. They also help in reducing inflammation that usually causes the most pain and prevents natural healing.

Bear in mind that some of these medications have some nasty side-effects, such as: weakening of a person’s immune system, increased blood pressure, increase in chances of developing osteoporosis.

Natural Treatments

If you are one of the people that prefer herbal and alternative medicine, you will have plenty of options for treating hemorrhoids. Even some over the counter treatments are based on herbs. Thus, it’s not surprising that there are many different natural cures for this problem. The best thing about them is that each recipe is completely unique. This means that even if you are allergic to some herbs, you will be able to find treatment that won’t harm your body in any way.

Regardless of how good and effective natural remedies can be, you need to understand that they aren’t perfect. This means that they can have some side-effects. Natural treatments can also be less effective, and they rarely remove the symptoms right away, like some of the pharmaceutical medications do.


In some cases, hemorrhoids can progress so far that the only treatment option left to you will be surgery. Hardly anyone wants to live through any surgery, and, although, hemorrhoid surgery is quite easy, it’s still unpleasant and extremely embarrassing. This is why people use this treatment only as a last resort.

Prevent the Problems Instead of Treating

Life today is so busy and rushed that people can hardly stay healthy, even if they try. Long hours of sitting in an office chair, lack of physical exercise and poor diet are some of the most important reasons that cause hemorrhoids. This means that it’s within your power to prevent this condition from developing. Changing some of your habits will definitely help you with this. Even if you don’t succeed with prevention, you will definitely benefit from doing this, because this will help you heal faster and avoid a relapse.

Switching to leading a healthy lifestyle will be very difficult, but if you do this gradually, you will be able to succeed in no time. You should start with the following:

  • Drink more water and forget about diuretics (tea, coffee, etc.). Water will speed up your fecal transit and make bowel movement easier.
  • Eat more fiber. The best products for people that suffer from hemorrhoids are: fresh fruit and vegetables, bran cereal and brown rice.
  • Do some aerobics. Even some simple stretching will do wonders to your body.

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