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Treating Stomach Bloating

Stomach bloating is a very common problem. The most common cause is due to irregularity and your digestion, but all it takes is being aware of what’s causing the bloating, then you can begin to make the changes that will stop or cure it.

One way you can start right now is by drinking more water and having regular bowel movements! Your body depends on it and needs it! If you don’t drink enough water daily, not only do you become dehydrated, but your stomach can become bloated. So it helps with digestion, and can help stop bloating.

Here Are 10 Ways To Treat The Causes Of Stomach Bloating:

No Artificial Sweeteners

The two artificial sweeteners, sorbitol and xylitol causes bacteria to grow in your large intestines, and this produces 100% more gas, which causes stomach bloating.

Eat More Yogurt

It has been discovered that our intestines don’t have nearly enough of the healthy bacteria, in fact 75% of us don’t! These bacteria keep your intestinal track working properly and helps avoid constipation, bloating and pain.

More Exercise

Exercising causes your muscles to contract, and this helps your bowels to become regular.

Premenstrual Bloating: Take Calcium

At least 70% of women have premenstrual bloating problems that occurs when an increase in hormones signals your cells to hold on to the water! To lower your water retention by at least 50%, try taking 1,000 mg. of calcium and 500 mg. of magnesium daily.

Eat Slow

Swallowing air while eating is one of the common causes of stomach bloating. The solution is to eat your food slowly.

Deep Breathing

Twice a day, find a quiet place to sit, and for 10 minutes breath deeply. Doing this decreases the stress hormones that can wreck havoc on your digestion.

Add Protein To Carbs

Five pounds of fluid can build up in your tissues if you eat nothing but carbs. If you add just 3 ounces of protein to the carbs, you can cut the absorption of this fluid at least 50%.

Fresh Fruit

Women, if you suffer from stomach bloating and swelling during your period, this is caused by the inflammatory hormone prostaglandins. To slow down the production of this hormone and get rid of that excess water in 48 hours, try eating 2 cups of fresh fruit salad each day. ts.

The Vegetables You Eat

It’s no secret that certain vegetables like cabbage, beans, broccoli and cauliflower can cause bloating.

Avoid Constipation

Did you know that the longer food sits in your bowel, the more gas you will produce? This is what happens during constipation. This is why it’s important to drink plenty of water.


Sometimes it’s difficult to determine what the causes of stomach bloating might be. But if it generally happens after eating certain foods, then you can just about assume that those are the causes. However, if you’ve done everything you can, and you still have stomach bloating, then you should seek the help of your physician to determine the cause.


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