Treatments and Remedies For Cradle Cap

If your baby is suffering from a rash or dandruff like residue on the scalp you are probably looking for treatments of cradle cap or remedies for cradle cap. One of the worst things a parent can go through is seeing your child suffer from an ailment that you don’t know how to easily fix. Considering that some problems cause extreme discomfort it’s critical to remember that there are ailments that pass with time and growth. Take each as a stage in your child’s development and try not to become overly stressed about what is going on with your baby at any one given time.

How Do You Know Its Cradle Cap

Before you start considering treatments of cradle cap you should first know that it’s not a simple case of dry skin but may actually need a little more than just extra lotion on their head. First you should know that this may be what is going on with your little one before you partake in any remedies for cradle cap. One thing to consider is that a treatment of cradle cap may not be needed because in many cases it will resolve itself and you won’t have to worry about extra work or worry. Another thing to remember is that remedies for cradle cap can often times be quite simple and easy to undertake.

More Shampooing

One of the best and most successful treatments of cradle cap, especially when it is still confined to their scalp is frequent shampooing. There are many cases where parents are afraid to get their baby’s head wet because of fear of drowning. This may lead to infrequent shampooing or not great rinsing. By making sure that you are taking care to scrub their scalp daily you will be well on your way to discovering one of the best remedies for cradle cap.

Follow this with a soft brushing and you will remove any scales so that the baby has clean pores and skin on their head. Some may tell you to make sure to put oil or lotion on their scalp after a bath as a treatment of cradle cap. This can actually contribute to the problem and therefore isn’t one of the best remedies for cradle cap, especially if you are not also shampooing often.

Follow With Oil

If you have been shampooing often and are still in need of a treatment of cradle cap then it may be time to combine this with some olive oil. If you bathe at night, one remedy for cradle cap is to apply a little olive oil at another time during the day. You need to loosen up the scales so they can be removed; this is the most successful treatment of cradle cap. Being consistent and habitual will help on the road to finding your own remedy for cradle cap. If you have kept your baby’s skin clean and dry, removed scales and still find yourself in need of treatments of cradle cap or a home remedy for cradle cap you should consult your doctor.