Tree Watering System That Saved Our Transplanted Trees

Watering trees is something that can be time consuming but is necessary if you want to protect your investment.

If like me, you have decided to plant some new trees and chose to spend the money and get larger ones then this is something I learned from experience just recently that might help you. We purchased three trees that were already about 12 foot high but not too bushy yet. We had 3 holes dug and they were delivered with a big burlap bag wrapped around a very large root ball.

We put lots of water in the hole and through the loose burlap covering which we were told gets planted with the tree. This worked out well, with lots of help we got them planted and they look good. We watered them faithfully and even used a soaker hose to give them lots to drink. But a couple of days later the leaves were drooping. We were upset and thought they had simply not been able to tolerate the transplant. We did this first week of May and it was cool and wet when they were planted.

Deep Root Watering

So after talking to the tree farm we purchased them from he gave us the name of an arborist who just happened to be in the area and he came to look and said that the water was not getting to the center of the root ball. That we simply needed to use the water more efficiently and get it underground instead of sitting on top where the tree can only partially use it.

Our soil is good and well drained so we were kind of surprised as we saw the water soaking into the ground after each session. But he said it was not getting deep enough into the compacted root ball or fast enough right now.

So, we purchased this deep root watering system which is under 30 dollars. It is a long pipe with a point at the end, you simply push it into the ground about a foot or two away from the base of the tree but still inside the root ball and then attach to the hose and turn it on. We left it on for 30 minutes and the water was spraying underground. We could hear the water running through the hose.

Deep Root Watering Trees

This way the roots got all the water and by the third day, the leaves were perking back up. I was amazed at what this simple tool could do. We were scared to use it at first for fear of stabbing roots or something, but if you push the tool in gently it doesn’t hurt anything and we got it about 2 feet into the ground and turned it on.

We are very happy with the results. This is a much more efficient way to deep root water trees and this gives them the fighting chance they need to survive a stressful transplant.

If you are transplanting or having larger trees planted then consider getting this tool. I can’t tell you how happy we are with it. Larger trees are very expensive and many don’t come with a warranty, you basically take the risk, but if you have the right tools ahead of time, then you will give them the best chance ever and this uses the water more efficiently instead of evaporating on top.

So, give your trees the deep root watering drink they need.