Trends in social media to watch out for during 2015

It was just a matter of a few years when we saw the rise of social media connectivity platforms, the likes of Orkut and Myspace, where millions of people registered and became regular users were on a rise. We, to the fact, also saw so many celebrities joining the rise of social media forums by joining and contributing to the websites like MySpace and Over the years, fast forward to now, in just six years the whole dynamics of social media have changed for good. It has now become a medium, a completely separate and independent internet entity of its own. The social media forums like Facebook, which started through just a small website of a few pages, are now multi-billion dollar brands and companies with a whole mechanism of their own.

The way the social media world is growing, we will continue to see such revolutionary and impactful avenues coming up. It will very soon become one of the biggest forums for advertising and connectivity if it is not already now. The changes will not only force the existing forums to adapt and innovate in order to survive like Facebook is doing, but we will also see the integration of multiple forums into one to kill off the competition like the merger of Facebook, Instagram and very recently WhatsApp. Today’s guest post blog will talk about four trends in social media to watch out for during the year 2015.


Content becomes more social

In 2015, we will see the rise of content marketing even more. This means that unique and original content will play a strong role in determining the success and rank of social media and internet campaigns. Not only that, companies will also have to focus on content which tickles the users to interact with it rather than just having a look at it and taking no action. The rise in emotional appeal with the content will force them to also become loyal and stand up for the message they can relate to and have a strong support for.

Content becomes more video and picture based

No more plain text is going to be the rule. If you have to stay in the minds of the users, then picture and video is the way to go. More video based content means that video advertising and production related to the digital content will also increase by a notch.

Real time social media

This means that people who are managing social media networks have to be vigilant all the time. There is no way out for them, they have to stay alert to competition, new strategies, and changes in trends and also consumer behavior all the time. Similarly, they have to make sure their strategies and responses on social media are vigilant and active enough.

More mobile marketing

The shift from computer to mobile is increasing at an alarming rate. This means people now access their internet and social media accounts much more through their phones rather than computers. This requires a shift in thinking as well, much money will be spent on targeting mobile specific or mobile integrated social media campaigns.

Author Bio: Christiana Antiga is the author of this blog post. Christiana works for an advertising agency, responsible for 360 degree marketing of various global brands. She likes to take part in online blogging for the website Assignment help service |Assignment land