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Trendy Bridal Manicures for a Chic Fiancée

June, they say is the month for weddings and it may be three months away, there are millions of future brides out there who are cramming got get their wedding details fixed. And although your bride will not forget about her dress, reception or invitation, there will be times when she can’t think about her nails.

Yes, ridiculous as it may sound but nails (just like shoes) will make or break your Big Day so it is important that as early as today, you should book a nail salon for your bridal entourage before your wedding day.

Gone are the days when going to the salon to have a manicure meant having French tips or the usual bold red color for your wedding. These days, a future bride and her bridesmaids can choose from hundreds of options including nail art. With nail art, you can take your manicure to the next level by going for the traditional French tip with subtle hints of glitters or beads.

Glitter Manicure


The best way to highlight the glitter on your nails is by choosing a simple coat in a natural tone then top it with a glittery gradient. The glitter may seem simple but when it catches light (just like your earring), you will have that instant bridal glow when you walk down the aisle. What’s more fun about doing glitter nails is that you can do this at home with your girl friends!

Something Blue


Tradition states that during your wedding, you must have something blue with you. And who says that it can only be shoes or hair? Well, why don’t you try it on your nails, too? Blue nails are perfect for a beach wedding because it complements the surrounding. Don’t choose the screaming shade of blue; instead use pastel hues.

Try Crystals on Your Nails


Crystals on your nails aren’t really for everyone but if you want to make a statement choose three dimensional nail art like this. However, there is a tendency that your nails will get caught on your dress or hair after a few days. You can do this on your own but if you don’t have steady hands, most salons carry this service already.

Lace Tips


This involves nail stamping and what’s fun about this is that there are thousands of designs that you can choose from. It’s also easy to do and lasts days after your wedding. This is also a good complement if your wedding dress has a lace detail. You can order your own stamping kits online and start stamping your nails for your wedding!

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