Trendy Hipster Haircuts for Men

There are four hipster haircuts for men that are making the most waves in 2012. All of them are haircuts that have been popular in other decades and are recognized as iconic hairstyles. Some say that this new style of haircuts is a ghost from the past. The first mention of hipster style emerged in the mid 1940 as a new contemporary subculture. In the 1990s the hipster subculture group became more popular and mor ediscernible in the last 50 years. Today hipsters are mainly younger middle class adult people and older teenagers. These people that call themself as hipsters are visible in the crowd by their outward appearance which is reflected in their hairstyle too.

One of the remarkable hipster haircuts is the mullet – which has a bit of a sketchy history. A big part of hipster style is the trend of making an “ironic” statement with fashion; wearing something that’s seen as anti-cool in an attempt to show how little you care about fashion, which of course now becomes a fashion in itself.
And that’s how it is with the mullet; short in the front, long in the back and made famous by country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, the mullet is the epitome of ironic fashion.
The next hair style is perhaps a bit more respected than the mullet but still worn with a healthy sense of irony, and that’s the rockabilly style. Clipped short in the back and on the sides, it’s left long top and in the front and then styled with hair gel.
The final two looks are the Mohawk and its “gentler” cousin, the faux-hawk.
These hugely popular styles are now being seen on sports and movie stars around the world.

So, are hipster haircuts for men still in style?

Certainly they are! If you’re wondering if hipster haircuts for men are still going to be popular in 2012, rest assured, the trend isn’t going anywhere soon – in fact, it only seems to be getting more popular. There several variations of haircut that can be considered hipster – the biggest thing seems to be that it has to look like you don’t care about your hair, while still being well cared for. That means there are usually a lot of layering, spikes and razor cuts. Hipster haircuts don’t conform to the standard, old-fashioned ideas of men’s haircuts. They tend to be a much less formal style and are considered nonconformist. Mohawk haircuts are one of the more extreme types of hipster haircuts, where the hair on the sides of the head is completely shaved off, leaving a strip of hair from the front to the back. The hair that remains can be long or short, and often has product put in it to make it stand up in spikes. There’s also the “faux-hawk”, which is becoming extremely popular. Similar to a Mohawk, except instead of having shaved sides, the sides of the head are cut short. Many people prefer this cut because it isn’t so extreme as to cause problems in school or on the job.