News Tricks to Choose Perfect Emergency Lamps for Your Home

Tricks to Choose Perfect Emergency Lamps for Your Home


Household emergency lighting is not like your average decorative family room lamp. Great emergency lamps are built around practicality and functionality as they are meant to be used in any situation in which you lose power. From a fallen telephone line to severe snowstorms, there are certain lights that are more appropriate than others are for your home.

Generally, experts recommend LED lights for home emergencies. They are bright, save energy, and lack consistent maintenance. In addition to LED, there are different types of attributes of every emergency light. Battery powered lights may be more powerful, but lights that run on generators do not need replacement accessories as much. Having one of each does not hurt. There are also portable and mounted lights. Portable lights are good for moving around a low-lit home while mounted lights are good for lighting up a certain area. Again, having one of each is recommended.

When choosing emergency lighting for your home, there are three factors you need to consider including the number of people in your household, the number of expected hours without power, and the area you will be lighting. All of these factors should be thought about thoroughly before purchasing any household emergency lighting.

With more people in your household, you may need either more lights or lights with a greater lighting area. Note your family’s preferences and what works for your home. If you have children or a large family, a lantern may be a good option to light up large areas. If you live alone or live in a small space, a few medium or large flashlights will probably do.

It is also important to anticipate how long you may be without power. If you have heard about a terrible snowstorm coming up, you may want to get indoor emergency lights that can last you through a few nights. An LED lantern can last anywhere from 30 hours to 400 hours depending on the make, model, and batteries.

In addition, determine the frequency and time of day power outages in your neighborhood occur. If you typically lose power during the day, a small flashlight may be fine. However, if you typically and frequently lose power during the dark hours, a long-lasting light source is more desirable.

Regardless of what type of lighting you want, whether a small pocket sized flashlight or a large lantern, brightness will always play a role in choosing an emergency light. Unlike automobile emergencies, you will probably need lights with less brightness. Around 20-150 lumens may be good for most households. This yields a beam distance of about 120 meters.

In addition to brightness, light features may play a role in choosing an appropriate emergency home light. Foe the house, you probably do not need many features. However, if you are stuck in a long power outage that lasts a few hours into the night or a few days, features can make a difference. The one main feature to look out for is adjusting brightness levels. If you are experiencing a power outage for an extended period, adjusting the brightness of your lighting can help preserve its battery life.

For any emergency, be sure to purchase extra bulbs, batteries, and other accessories for your household emergency lamps. They may come in handy when you least expect it. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Tricks to Choose Perfect Emergency Lamps for Your Home
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