Trikke T 12

The Trikke T 12 also known as the Trikke T12 and Trikke T12 Roadster is the top of the line body powered vehicle that Trikke has to offer and is the ultimate body carving vehicle on the market. This model goes faster and requires less turns to accomplish faster speeds than any of the other models. Although this sounds like the perfect model for you the Trikke T 12 is not recommended for beginners.

The Trikke T 12 is fully customized with rubber hand grips and mats, 12 inch high-pressure pneumatic tires on black finished machined aluminum rims and dual independent ultra-responsive rear disc brakes controlled by hand brakes with parking locks. The spacers on the wheel axles have been improved and the washers have been removed. Its pull-twist pins enable the fold-down frame to be easily transported and stored in the smallest areas.

Trikke t 12

It has a larger wheel base, meaning the aluminum frame is longer, enabling higher speeds and fewer turns which make it ideal for cross-training. You can carve deeper and punch harder meaning greater gains in strength, endurance, agility and balance as you comfortably and confidently push your carving limits. The Trikke T 12 is definitely the model for attacking the large hills whether you are going down or up.

Its aircraft grade aluminum frame ensures lightweight and strength. The handlebar pitch and height are adjustable and has integrated Velo Atune molded ergonomic handlebar handgrips and ends which enable you the ability to find your sweet spot for carving easier. You can also add numerous accessories by way of handlebar extensions.

The main carving axel’s tension is adjustable and the squeak-free grease plugs are integrated. Each of the front and back 12 inch high-pressure pneumatic tires have fenders.

The Trikke T 12 gives you an intense consistent, full-body, low-impact workout and is the perfect solution for those at risk of suffering injuries due to exercising. The suggested height limit range is 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 10 inches and the weight limit is suggested at 250 enabling most of you to safely operate this model. The minimum age recommended for the Trikke T 12 is 14 years plus and comes with newer, hipper graphics accentuating the ‘carve diem’ mantra. New colors include cobalt blue, red, metallic graphite and glossy white.

The Trikke T 12 currently lists for $749.99 USD however you can purchase yours from a number of dealers through the US or from a list of Trikkes for sale on various websites.