Trikkes for sale

“Trikkes for sale!” Now that’s something you don’t hear on the street corner every day. However, It’s becoming a more common expression especially on the Internet where it’s easy to find 10,000 to 20,000 sites dedicated to all those Trikkes for sale.

Why, you might wonder, are they for sale in the first place? It’s true that these 3-wheeled, carving, cambering (leaning), body-powered vehicles are a great cardiovascular, low-impact workout but they are not for everyone. The coordination and technique takes a little time to get used to. The most common reason is that the owners did not fully learn how to effectively ride them.

The first Trikkes for sale were in 1990 and in 1992, inventor Gildo Beleski gave up on them due to a lack of interest from consumers. However, in 2000, there were once again available as a renewed interest in the US lead to thriving sales. In 2002, annual sales were $1 million soaring up to $5 million in 2003, and then $10 million in 2004.

This success has led to the development of many new products and models which means many more Trikkes for sale. Today, the three main product types are Body Powered fitness models, Electric Hybrid models and Snow Skki models. Within each of these product groups there are various model lineups. (Trikke Tech Inc., 2012)

The fitness based Body Powered Vehicles have 9 different models. These models are the T5 at $100, T5 Jogo at $100, T67cs at $199.99, T7k at $179.99, T7f at $179.99, T78cs at $249.99, T78 Deluxe at $369.99, T8 Sport at $649.99 and the T12 Roadster at $749.99.

The T5 and T5 Jogo are for children aged 4 to 8. The T67cs, T7k and T7f are for children and small adults aged 8 years and above. The T78cs, T78 Deluxe and T8 Sport are for 12 years and above whereas the Trikke T 12 Roadster is recommended for 12 years and above. Also offered is a Bikee 1 Balance bike at $99.99.
The numbers signify the size of wheels, 5 for 5 inch wheels, 6 for 6 inch wheels, 7 for 7 inch wheels, 8 for 8 or 8.5 inch wheels and the 12 for 12 inch wheels. The three wheel sizes can be the same or have a larger front wheel, such as two 7 inch back wheels and an 8.5 inch front wheel.

Wheel construction can be polyurethane or air. Again, a combination can be used with air wheels all around or two polyurethane wheels in the back and one air wheel in the front. In addition they can be purchased in a range of colors.

The electric models are available in consumer and business classes. Typical business class clients are police departments, municipalities (meter reading), airports, Parking inspectors, tours/rentals, Security, warehousing/logistics, sports facilities and hotel resort mobility. (Trikke Tech Inc., 2012)

The consumer based electric models are the 48V, 36V and 36Vlite. Motor sizes are 350 watt, 250 watt and 180 watt with battery ranges of 15 to 24 miles, 10 to 16 miles and 6 to 10 miles respectively. All models are very portable and affordable at $2199 at 37 to 46 lbs., $1899 at 37 to 42 lbs. and $1299 at 35 to 38 lbs. respectively. The business class models are the 48V and 36V models.

Currently there is only 1 Snow Skki model, the SKKI-09 which weighs in at 46 pounds and costs $899.99.

There are over 50 different parts and accessories you can purchase including lights, mirrors, battery chargers, bottle cages, axles, wheels, bag holders, brake cables, hydration packs, personal calorie devices, grips, racks, tire tubes, tire tools, pumps, fitness weights, safety bells, locks, cargo nets, gloves and helmets such as full face mountain bike helmets to just name a few.

In addition, shirts, Long sleeve hooded sweatshirts, caps and t-shirts can be purchased for both female and male enthusiasts and safety wear such as knee protectors, elbow protectors, lights, bells, helmets and gloves are available.

From its unsuccessful launch in 1990 to its highly successful re-launch in 2001, the amount of Trikkes for sale has increased over 2000 per cent and it only looks like there will be more lots more in the future.

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