Triond Review

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Triond was one of the most popular revenue share websites. It’s still a very popular article website. Many people still continue to write articles there. Mainly because they want to get recognized. Unlike most article websites, Triond gives the writer more freedom to write. Chances of your article getting published should be around 80%. I had written 10 articles and I got 8,000 views in 4 days after opening of my account. But the revenue from the website was very little. I only made 23 cents from all that articles. I got so angry and wanted to close my account, I then realized that my work was seen by a large amount of people in a short amount of time. Google has stopped partnering with Triond, so you can’t use Adsense. I highly recommend that if you are new or current user, stop writing for Triond. It was just my luck that I got that many views. Currently, all of my articles get only 10 to 20 views per day or even less. The main reason why Triond has fallen down is because most users post low quality articles. Some articles are literally blog posts. If you’re looking for a nice revenue share website, I recommend that you sign up with Hubpages. They allow you to earn revenue with four programs, Google Adsense, Amazon, Ebay and Hubpages’ own earning program. They also have a more refined editor that Triond. It also does well in Google’s search engines. There are also other sites like Infobarrel and Wizzley. Both of them have more restrictions than Hubpages. It took me a lot of editing to publish my first article in Infobarrel. Also, you’ll need to contact Infobarrel directly to get your article removed. Overall, I think that Hubpages is the better option. If have trouble writing articles on Hubpages, you can search in Hubpages for articles with tips on how to writing. Finally, the only reason why Triond has fallen down was because of it’s poor staff. They failed to a proper job of checking the users’ articles. This will be the end of my article, thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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