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Troubled With 0x0000007E Blue Screen Error – Try These Computer Support Tips

As you use your PC for work or entertainment purposes, you want it to perform at its best. Irrespective of what you are doing on your computer, sudden popping up of blue screen error is disturbing and bothering. Thus, this article describes the technique of getting rid of this error message.

The ‘STOP: 0x0000007E’ Blue Screen error is the last thing you would wish to have on your computer screen, but still if you get this error then what you should do. Exactly that’s what you will learn in this article.


0x0000007E Blue screen error certainly strikes terror into any computer user. That is because the error doesn’t come with any warning, and it bangs all of sudden. On top of that it provides no information on what to do next. All you get to view is a weird string of numbers and letters.
If you are not competent at repairing computer problems or don’t have much idea about tech issues troubleshooting, then it will be wise to avail online computer repair service to resolve this error.
By availing online computer support services, you will get professional help from certified specialists. The support engineer will promptly fix the Blue Screen error and will also troubleshoot the cause of the error from its very root. However, before acquiring online technical support services, you must get some knowledge about the error and its troubleshooting process.

Understanding the Error

Blue Screen Error 0x0000007E implies a hard-drive problem. Having a problem with the hard-drive is even more frightening as it stores the entire computer’s data. Thus, any problem with the drive might risk the data. This error crops up under following three possible issues:

• The Hard Drive is full
• A Faulty Hard Drive
• Problem with the BIOS

How Remote Computer Support Can Help?

As there are three possible reasons leading to the occurrence of this error, thus fixing the error demands detailed and extensive troubleshooting. That is why it is advisable that an average computer user must seek professional online computer repair service. However, the post describes the technical support troubleshooting methods for the three causes mentioned above.

Technical Support Method for a Faulty Hard Drive

First determine whether you have a faulty hard drive by using a Windows tool called Check Disk. Perform the following tips to run the tool:

• Click START
• In the search box, type CMD to open the command box
• Type the command CHKDSK in the CMD command box

That will run the Check Disk and eventually, the tool will highlight the errors in the computer. If it highlights that the hard drive is faulty, then get your data backup. Then get the old hard drive replaced by a new one. Through online computer remote support, you can easily get online data backup done.

Technical Support Method for a Full Hard Drive

If the system’s hard drive gets full then also this error might occur. In fact, it is the most common and probable reason leading to this Blue screen error. Thus, the basic troubleshooting tip for this error is to check the amount of remaining space on your hard drive. If it’s full or at the verge of getting filled, then erase unwanted files, folders, and programs and thus create more space on the drive.

Technical Support Method for the BIOS issue

The error can also pop up if the BIOS of your system is having some issue. BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System. It is important to get the BIOS updated to fix the BIOS issue. The method of updating the BIOS varies from brand to brand. You can know the method from your PC manufacturer’s site. But if you are not confident about updating process, then avail online tech support and let the support specialist perform the process.


To fix this error, one needs to carry out a step-by-step examination because there can be multiple causes leading to the issue. First, the cause of the error needs to be identified and then accordingly, troubleshooting method is to be executed. You can fix it on your own and if you are less equipped in understanding the intricacies of the computer, then go for professional help.

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