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Troubleshoot 0x80070570 Error Without Availing Online Computer Support

Complex Windows issues, errors, and uncertain PC problems may ruin your pleasant computing experience. Uncertain errors and tech issues may cause major damages to your computer parts and might leave them in an irreparable condition. Follow the article to know about some basic troubleshooting tips to fix annoying Windows errors.

Online support companies may charge hundreds of dollars to repair your PC parts, troubleshoot tech issues, and even fix Windows errors. It is true that some situations do require remote desktop repair assistance, but many of them can get resolved without sending your devices to computer service center. 0×80070570 error is a common system error that users may face while upgrading their older Windows versions to the latest Windows 7 OS. An average user may not be able to understand that what exactly the error means, but an online computer support engineer fixes it in just a few minutes.

The 0×80070570 error will present a message claiming that the installer is unable to install the files required to upgrade the computer. It may also stop the installation process so read below to learn how to fix complex system errors without seeking help from an online technical support technician.

What is the Error Message?

The end-user will typically get the following error message whenever the 0×80070570 error occurs:
“Windows cannot install required files. The file may be corrupted or missing Make sure all files required for installation are available and restart the installation. Error 0×80070570.
Error code: 0×80070570: The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. “

It is important to know that on the occurrence of the error, Windows installer will stop the update process.

What are the Causes of the 0×80070570 Error?

• Incorrect permissions to upgrade the OS

• Damaged Windows 7 installation disk

• Damaged ISO image

• Missing required files and settings

• Insufficient computer resources

• Target PC doesn’t have Windows Vista Service Pack 1 or newer installed on it

Tips for Using Windows Easy Transfer to Ensure Complete Desktop Repair

1. Download and install the ‘Windows Easy Transfer’ application

2. Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > and then click System Tools

3. Click the ‘Windows Easy Transfer’ icon to launch the application

4. Select the ‘Start a New Transfer’ option and pick the desired folders, files, and programs that you wish to backup

5. Select the respective media like CD, DVD, flash drive, or portable hard drive to save the information and wait until the file transfer process finishes

6. Once the application prompts, remove the media and store it.

How to Restore Data After You Finish Windows 7 Upgrade?

1. Launch the ‘Windows Easy Transfer’ application, select ‘New Transfer,‘ and connect the media containing legacy files and programs

2. Click the ‘Next’ button and follow the instructions of the ‘Data Transfer’ wizard

3. You may need to insert subsequent backup discs if you’ve used multiple CDs or DVDs to backup your old computer

4. Exit the application once the backup process gets completed.

How to Fix the 0×80070570 Error Without Availing Online Support?

• Create a full backup of your device’s data and essential files, folder, and programs

• Attempt to install Windows 7 from an ISO file or virtual drive

• If failed, make the upgrade attempt via CD / DVD and follow the installation steps

• If the above attempts fail, check whether the CD/DVD is damaged or corrupted

• Clean the dirty installation disc with a soft cotton cloth and try to attempt the installation again

• If the disc doesn’t have deep scratches, the computer may read the files, completes the Windows 7 installation, and resolve the 0x80070570 error

• If everything seems perfect, restart the computer and load the original Windows disc

• Press the ‘Enter’ key to boot from the disc and choose the ‘Windows installation’ option
• Now, press the ‘R’ key to launch ‘Windows Repair’ utility and ask it to restore the system files

• Restart the PC and retry upgrading the computer to Windows 7.


Undoubtedly, computer service center or desktop repair services will charge heavy PC repair fees to fix even some minor computer problems. You can easily get rid of the installation errors by conducting a full repair of the current installation disc. Proceeding to fix the error without creating data backup may raise irreparable damage to the computer parts or even compel you to confront data loss situations. In case you think that you’ll not be able to resolve the error on your own, call an online computer support to avail immediate assistance.

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