Troubleshoot ‘Error Sector Not Found’ Hard Drive Errors in Windows 8 PC

Hard drive error messages like ‘Error sector not found’ points out that your hard drive has got bad sectors. When a specific sector of your hard drive becomes unresponsive to the operating system, your OS warns you about the error by flashing the ‘Error sector not found’ message alerts. This article outlines how to troubleshoot the error on a Windows 8 PC.

If you are getting these kinds of warning alerts, then you can be suspicious that a particular section of your system’s hard drive disk has got damaged. Owing to the damage, that particular sector of the drive is not saving and storing data. Thus, the computer’s OS is not being able to access the information saved in that particular section. The OS warns you about the defect by flashing hard drive sector error messages.

It is not necessary that you will surely get these hard drive error messages. Sometimes you may not get the messages and yet your computer might be suffering from bad sectors. You can try identifying the hard disk drive bad sectors by checking the noise quality of the system. If it has started making grinding noises, then it can be a possible symptom of bad sectors.

It is not good to use a computer without mending the bad sectors on the hard drive. Bad sectors can cause a complete hard drive failure or system crash. Thus, you mustn’t ignore bad sectors.
The method of repairing bad sectors is separate in different versions of Windows. This article outlines how to troubleshoot hard drive errors by repairing the bad sectors in Windows 8.

The following steps will help you in repairing the bad sectors on your Windows 8 laptop or PC

• Launch the Windows 8 desktop screen
• Next, bring the mouse-pointer to the upper-right corner of the screen
• That will launch the ‘Charms’ menu
• Now, bring the mouse cursor over the ‘Search’ option and click on it
• Users with Windows 8 touch interface need to swipe in from the right edge of the screen to open the ‘Charms’ menu
• Now, tap on the ‘Search’ option
• On the ‘Search’ field option, type ‘This PC’ and then click or tap it
• Now, choose the hard disk drive that needs the repairing
• Then, right-click on it
• Next, click on ‘Properties’
• Next, select the ‘Tools’ tab
• Now, navigate to the ‘Error checking’ section
• Here, click or touch the ‘Check’ option
• Provide your admin password
• Now, the computer will run a checking scan in order to check for bad sectors on your hard disk drive
• Review the scan results
• If you’ve any listed bad sectors on your hard disk drive then tap or click the ‘Scan drive’ option
• If there are no errors listed, still you can click on ‘Scan drive’ to repair your drive
• After you click or tap on ‘Scan drive,’ choose a time for the repairing of the file system. Here, you are fixing a schedule for the repair process.
• Click ‘Schedule on next restart’ option, in the ‘Repair file system errors’ dialog box
• If you wish to repair your drive instantly, then click or tap on ‘Restart.’


The repair method will take some time. You must allow Windows to run the full scan for the right detection. Avoid causing any interruption during the bad sector scan. Better, you don’t use the computer while the repairing is in process.

Once the process gets completed, if you wish, you can reboot your computer. After this troubleshooting, most likely the grinding noise will disappear. That indicates the bad sectors have got replaced by good sectors. Now, you can continue using your system, and you will see that your operating system is no more flashing the ‘Error sector not found’ error messages.