Troubleshooting ‘A Device Attached to the System is Not Functioning’ Error Using Remote PC Support software

Windows errors may rob your pleasant working experience and turn it into a disastrous one. Many online technical support companies offer remote desktop repair services to fix uncertain PC problems. If you’re facing a Windows error, then follow this guide to learn how to resolve it using remote PC support software.

In-store PC repair service can be costly as well as time-consuming, but online computer repair solutions offer high-end support for your complex issues. Additionally, they also charge fixed repairing fees in lieu of fixing your uncertain PC errors and problems. ‘A device attached to the system is not functioning’ error is one of the common Windows errors that you may see while trying to connect to a shared resource. The error generally appears on the Windows Vista-based computers and may ruin your entire hard work by modifying some crucial files. You may usually experience this error on Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit Edition, and Windows Vista Enterprise 64-bit Edition.

Symptoms of the Error

You may experience the error code while trying to connect to a shared resource by using a Windows Vista-based PC. It is not necessary that every Windows Vista user will face the issue, but you may get the error repeatedly if your device is exposed to Internet threats and other vulnerabilities. Some users may also face the issue when they try to connect to a shared resource that connects you to a data server linked to a network storage device. If your device confronts issues with the shared resource, you will get the following error message:

“A device attached to the system is not functioning.”

Tips for Resolving the Error by Employing Desktop Repair Strategies:

Service Pack Information

To resolve the issue, you will need to install the latest service pack for Windows Vista or download Hotfix package from Microsoft’s official website.

All About Knowing the Hotfix

Go to the Microsoft’s website and download a supported Hotfix to fix the error. But always remember that the Hotfix intends to correct the respective problem only, and you cannot use it on systems that are not facing the issue. Go to the ‘Hotfix download available’ section on Microsoft’s website or contact the company’s ‘Customer Service and Support’ team to obtain the Hotfix. Scan the ‘Hotfix download available’ form to know about the different languages for which the Hotfix is available.

If you confront any major security issues or PC problems while troubleshooting the error, simply contact a Remote PC support company and get it fixed using a remote desktop manager. Once the desktop repair technician fixes the problem, you must restart the computer to allow the Hotfix to make changes on it.

You can also visit Microsoft’s official website to study the table consisting the file attributes of this problem fix. Visit the ‘Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)’ section and convert it to local time by using the ‘Time Zone’ tab in the ‘Date and Time’ settings in Control Panel. If you’re unable to find the Hotfix or want expert assistance to troubleshoot the error, then either connect to an online technical support company or avail in-store PC repair service.


Windows errors are uncertain, and they may ruin your entire computing experience by not allowing your PC to work usually.. Online PC support companies offer instant resolutions for common PC problems and can troubleshoot other system errors instantly, without making any disasters to your computers. Windows Vista Service Pack 1 was the first Windows OS to discover the issue, but don’t get panic as you can fix it by following the guide mentioned above.