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Troubleshooting ‘Critical Error. Drive Sector Not Found Error’ Trojan Using System Restore

Are you getting driver sector not found error alert in your computer? While this might signify that a section of your hard drive is at risk, there it might be a fake alert as well. If you are getting these ‘sector not found’ error alerts too often, then there are high chances that these are fake alerts. This article will help you in getting rid of those.

These fake alerts are mainly the results of a dangerous Trojan called ‘Critical Error. Drive sector not found error.’ This Trojan posts fake alerts with the intention of trapping you in buying and installing harmful and faulty apps. In this article, you can read about the symptoms and removal methods of this Trojan.

It is a new vengeful Trojan infection that victimizes Windows system. It survives and infects your PC by taking advantages of your Windows system’s security holes. Usually, it uses the following channels to invade your system.

• Junk mail attachments

• On visiting corrupt websites

• Downloading free programs

Through any possible way, if the Trojan successfully gets installed on your PC, it will start executing various malicious actions and also bring about modifications in your computer. The modifications that the Trojan induces are similar to symptoms. You can critically analyze these symptoms to guess the presence of ‘Critical Error. Drive Sector Not Found Error’ Trojan in your device.

Listed below are the symptoms that you will observe in your computer if it got affected by this Trojan.

• The PC performance will slow down as system resources are wrongly used

• The computer will often get stuck as the CPU has got affected

• Difficulty in connecting to the Internet

• Occurrence of too many alerts as you try opening any file or program

• The occurrence of countless advertisements that ask for the call of actions like ‘Click’ or ‘Download.’

• Modification in background settings of the system

• Introduction of new registry keys and files or other features that severely attack the PC

• Automatic redirecting of the internet browsers to different pages

This Trojan is very harmful as it facilitates the hackers in stealing personal data or information from your computer. After it gets installed on your PC, it firstly destroys the security program like antivirus software and then disables the firewall. Thus, your security program fails to detect its presence. Then the Trojan start collecting your personal data or information such as banking account details, passwords, email addresses, etc. Its next job is to share the stolen data with the remote hackers.
Thus, this ‘Critical Error. Drive sector not found error’ Trojan is a dangerous malware that badly hampers the performance of your PC. Most importantly, it exposes you to heavy internet threats like hacking, phishing, etc. Thus, it largely reduces the security of your system, and private data stored.
For troubleshooting computer problems that result from this Trojan, you first require removing this Trojan completely from your laptop. To remove the Trojan, you need to restore your PC to an advanced time and date, when it was free of the infection. In that way, you can get free of the malware.

Following is the computer troubleshooting guide on how to Restore Points and migrate your Windows to an earlier date and time prior to the infection.

Perform the following steps to use Restore points:

• Click the Start button

• Hit the arrow next to the Shut Down button

• Now, click Restart

• Hit ‘F8’ key regularly till you get the Windows Advanced Options menu

• From the menu, select ‘Safe Mode with Command Prompt.’

• Hit ‘Enter’ key

• Wait for the Command Prompt, and then type ‘explorer.’

• Then hit ‘Enter’ key.

• Now, in the command prompt, type ‘cd restore’

• Then, press ENTER

• Next, type rstrui.exe

• Press ENTER.

• Wait, till Windows Explorer provides you the following two links

• Windows XP: C:windowssystem32restorerstrui.exe and press Enter.

• Windows Vista/7: C:windowssystem32rstrui.exe and press Enter.

Depending on the operating system, you are using, you need to choose the option:

• Then, click ‘Next.’

• Now, the ‘System Restore’ window will open

• Select a restore point that will restore your computer to a previous state prior to this infection

• Then, click Next.

• Restart your computer by saving these changes.

Wrap Up

Most likely, this computer troubleshooting guide will help you in getting rid of this malicious Trojan and also the changes it has applied to your device. After the removal, you will also see considerable improvement in the PC performance, speed, and Internet browsing experience.

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