Troubleshooting Missing Apps in iPad

Your iPad iOS 7, iPad Mini, iPad Retina or any other version is your world that you carry with you no matter wherever you go. It is regardless of any version you own as it is all about staying in touch with your network of friends and anytime entertainment that you seek through your iPad. However, the best part seems to be downloading different apps for fun and enjoyment. The worst part is when your iPad stops responding the way you expect it to be. All of a sudden when you try to get through your apps and find the app missing then it seems frustrating.

Let us understand how this issue can be fixed and prevent it from happening again.

Factory Reset

Often, you might have heard about the best way to deal with something when nothing else seems to work is ‘system restore.’ Even though this is the last solution to an ongoing trouble but it seems to be sensible to do so at the moment. Restoring your iPad to default settings will wipe out any programs, software and apps that you have installed on it. This means that now you again have to begin from scratch just as the device arrived when you first purchased it. However, you need not worry as you can still restore app by iCloud that will help regain you your lost app quickly. Go to the App Store ->Updates->Purchased, a list of all the purchased apps will be displayed that will enable quick download.

One thing that you need to remember is that before initiating factory reset it is essential to take a backup of your device.

Deleted App

Sometimes, when you are trying to manage clutter and then you decide to do away with a few apps. During the process of deleting apps, you accidentally delete some of your favorite apps. It is as easy as a few taps and the app is gone along with its data. Even if your device were used by children, you would not be able to prevent accidental deletion of apps. If you are using iOS 7 then it is easy with a swipe from the middle of the screen. When you swipe the screen, a Search Box appears, here enter the name of the app, if you are able to locate it then you might find it in another location. If you are still not able to find it then it is deleted, and there is nothing much that you can do.

Settings within iPad

You know that when you have young children or kids at your home then you need to be cautious with your iPad. This gives you the idea of using parental controls that are present in iTunes to prevent them from getting their hands on inappropriate content and apps. All those who have made changes to the age settings, might have blocked access to apps. This means that due to age setting changes some of your apps are now unavailable even to you. For this, there is a simple solution like changing the settings. Go to Settings-> General Settings->Restrictions, an option of Allowed Content will appear, from here on you can adjust the age ratings for specific apps. You can change the settings of every app to ‘All’ to unhide or to access them again.

Home Screen

If you are not aware then this is news for you that you only have a limit of 11 home screens. Often it might happen that you are out of space to download any new app. If you attempt to download a new app when all your screens are full then the app goes to another location. You will be able to find it through Spotlight Search only. However, a better way of managing your apps is to create folders that will contain few apps as a group. Hold down on an app till it starts vibrating; drag it close to another app and release. These two apps will be automatically placed within a newly created folder by iPad. Now that you have a new folder, so drag and drop other apps to this group.

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