Truancy in High School Students

Truancy in High School Students – Signs and Prevention

Truancy is highly becoming a common problem among high school students currently and it is essential for both school administrations and parents to be equipped with tactics that can be used to solve the problem effectively. In most cases parents find it difficult to notice the signs of truancy in their high school children due to lack of proper involvement in their children’s education. The increase of high school dropout cases can be attributed to ignored truancy which is why it is important for truancy cases to be nipped in the bud always.

Alarming signs to watch

Both teachers and parents should be on the lookout for any alarming signs that may indicate that a particular student is ‘suffering’ from truancy. The most common sign of truancy is continued absenteeism of students from school often without any reasonable excuse for their absence. This may further extend to poor attendance to homework or assignments and constant scoring of low grades without any evident efforts by the student to improve in their performance. Rudeness in class is also a sign of truancy that shouldn’t be given a blind eye as it clearly communicates lack of the necessary attachment that a student ought to have to his school or education life.

Causes of truancy

The main cause of truancy is bullying or harassment at school. A student who normally gets picked at while in school is likely to stop enjoying going to school altogether and it may only be a matter of time before he starts showing total disinterest in school which amounts to truancy. Secondly, family problems back at home can as well result into truancy as the student cannot fully concentrate with the studies while in school for he/she is always thinking about the difficulties or challenges at home. Additionally if your child has joined a gang, they too are likely to show truancy because such groups often discourage and speak against school going which will have a direct negative effect on your child’s interest in school.


As a school, the best way of solving truancy is taking the affected students for guidance and counseling where they can be advised accordingly on how to overcome any personal situations that may be lowering their moral in education. Also it will be necessary for the parents of the students in question to be informed of the negative signs that their children are showing. Parents are usually the ones whom their children can really open up to therefore may help a lot in getting to the root cause of the problem. Some religious intervention may in addition prove to be of great assistance in enabling the student to get back in the school system without qualms.

Generally parents who have a strong relationship with their children often play a big role in solving any problems with truancy because it becomes easier for the student to confide in a person he/she has a deeper connection with. For this reason, it pays to always aim at improving the relationship between you and your children as your bond alone can solve many more problems leave alone truancy.