True Love Waits Ring – How To Choose One For Your Daughter

Sometimes it is hard or difficult for a daughter to understand that abstinence is not the best way to wait because peer pressure is all around. If you believe strongly that abstinence is the best way to live until one is married then you should discuss the idea of waiting and then suggest that she wear a true love waits ring. A true love waits ring will symbolize to her the significance of waiting to engage in sex until she is married. Because casual sex is so easy that should be one of your talking points. Just like true love and marriage is never too easy casual sex is just too easy.

Choosing The Right Ring For Her To Wear

One thing to remember after you have had one or a series of discussions with your daughter about casual sex, the real meaning of true love and the commitment it takes to keep it true is that a true love waits ring should have some meaning for your daughter or she may not feel she needs to wear it all of the time. Other young girls and teenagers know what a true love waits ring means because many of them are wearing them also. If you want her to believe that the ring means something then it must be one that both of you had input into the choice of it. So get your daughter’s input and ideas on what is the best ring to give her.

Different Types Of True Love Waits Rings

This can be a simple true love waits ring in sterling silver and have the words true love waits somewhere on the ring. It might be on the face of the ring so everyone can read it or it could have the words stamped on the inside of the ring so she knows the secret of what it says and she can share it with her girlfriends. Perhaps she can even influence her girlfriends to wear a true love waits ring also.

What Finger Is It Worn On?

Actually a true love waits ring can be worn on any finger because it is her choice. Many teenagers wear a true love waits ring on the left hand ring finger because it implies that she is wedded to the idea of waiting for true love which is of some significance because of what it means to her.