True To Life and Liveliness, Animation Sounds More Real Than Reality Itself!

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A quirky tale, told with colors, freedom, joy, and heart, can fuel energy and life not only in the life of kids, but in adults’ life as well. Do you remember the era, when stories and expressions were mostly in silent form, but were still able to produce the same effect that speaking clocks (take humans, for example) do?

Well, animation films have the same power to infuse such emotions and liveliness. Animation films aren’t just what a kid may look up to; it’s what we, as humans, would always find solace in.

Like an intuitive thought that may result into any new discovery, an animation film springs us back into life, where we sit gleefully, ready to leap at any sharp turn, to clap every time a cartoon character swooshes past!

All that time, we maintain a smile on our face that is highly contagious. It can make the person entering the room break into a laugh; it can also make a cold person loosen up.

It’s what we can term as a nice ride! And most of the time, they do give us a nice ride – of a dragon, of a centaur, of a mermaid, or even a broomstick!

Animation films have gone through a phenomenal change with the introduction of 3D technologies; the tales still breathe the same fire, but the fire comes so close to us now, that we start believing it will burn us, if we stay close!

That’s 3D for you – it makes the leap of a character appear, as if there’s soon going to be a collision between us and the character. But instead of frightening us, it excites us and the kids as well.

Their style may have evolved; they may have added more fun, but they have maintained the magic that used to enthrall us long, long ago.

When Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs first appeared on the big screen as an animated feature in 1937, it created a fan base that only increased. The film went on to rake millions of dollars, and still remains a classic. Besides telling a wonderful story, the medium it applied, became a revelation. And because I have brought history in here, let me tell you that the Argentinean film, El Apóstol (1917), was the first animated film to be ever made.

Since then, animated films appeared thick and fast, and the audience always seemed ready for more. With Pixar Animation Studios’ entry in 1995 with Toy Story, animation films crafted a life and story got everyone stuck, showering praise, acknowledging efforts, flooding the box office, submitting themselves to a genre that will never again be termed ‘for kids only’.

And now, animation films have grown on to become a world full of liveliness.

There can never be anything better than this!

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True To Life and Liveliness, Animation Sounds More Real Than Reality Itself!, Seekyt
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