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Trust the Web Service that’s Been Canada’s Best since 2000

SiberName is a completely Canadian web service provider based in Ottawa. The website not only aids you in registering and managing domain names but also in creating portfolios, building websites and web hosting.

One website for all web services

If you want to create a new website or just want to manage all your websites and keep them updated and bug free, you can log on to sibername.com and do just about anything you need. The services offered here include:

• Domain name registering
• Standard web hosting
• Domain web hosting
• Managing domains
• Renewing domains
• Registrar transfer
• Advances DNS services
• Website design
• Portfolio design
• Domain resell hosting
• Personalized e-mail hosting

With all these at just one click your work becomes easier than you ever imagined. The experienced and resourceful management at SiberName will allow you to rest assured while your website tasks are being taken care of.

Registering a domain name

You can register a Canadian domain name at a very affordable price with the help of SiberName because it specializes in:
• Cheap yet strong domain names
• Cost-effective web hosting
• Domain name back orders

The beginning

Ever since its inception in 2000, SiberName has been the most reliable and helpful Internet Consulting Service to companies that needed technological modification and implementation of new age technology. The Company slowly, but of course quicker than other websites, developed its technology and services to suffice all the needs of web developers and website owners. By now the Company has introduced thousands of small businesses to the World through the internet and helped them grow.

The USPs

Apart from dedicated and all-round web hosting services, the company is known best for more reasons like:

• Three locations: There are three different physical locations of the Company in Canada so that the network availability is high in all corners of Canada and all website backups and files are stored safely and won’t be lost even if a sudden disaster strikes any part of the city.
• Educated and experienced staff: The minimum educational qualification required to be a member of the staff in SiberName is a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science. All the employees have over ten years of work experience.
• Reliable network: Having been in the business since 1995, being a pioneer, we know how to emerge as the most reliable network in whole of North America. With leading edge software and regularly upgraded hardware we ensure no customer is ever disappointed.
• Affordable deals: We offer our services and domains at competitive pricing so that we can fulfil the entrepreneurship goals of as many Americans as we can. Moreover, we don’t levy credit card charges and other such fees that many other companies charge you.
• 24*7 service: We offer 24*7 support with all the featured hosting resources because our customers are the ones who want to get ahead of everyone else so we never make them wait.

Rely on SiberName once and you will not have to look for another web hosting service ever again. All Canadians trust us and we trust in our experienced and dedicated staff and updated software and hardware.

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