Try These Best 5 VIPRE Internet Security Alternatives for Mac

Cyber world is full of virtual threats and malicious infections that can damage your computer and its hardware components to an irreparable extent. If you’re looking for the best free Internet security suite then download VIPRE Internet Security or the following alternatives for your Mac PC.

Internet security issues are one of the major problems that every cyber user faces today, but availing extra protection against such threats isn’t too difficult. Plenty of Internet security programs, full-fledged security suites, and trial versions of the complete protection suites are available to safeguard your online experience. According to some independent research lab results, the VIPRE Internet Security 2015 is a complete online safety package that efficiently blocks, detects and prevents threats from hampering your computing experience. If you’re a Mac OS X user and want to avail the best online protection, then try downloading and installing any of these below-mentioned programs:

1. Comodo Internet Security for Mac

Comodo Internet Security offers complete virus protection and it safeguards your browsing and computing experience by blocking malicious content. It is a proactive antivirus program that provides complete protection against various infections including viruses, worms, and Trojans for Mac OS X based computers. The security program features a user-friendly interface (UI), one-click scanning support, and a slider that helps you change security levels according to user specific requirements. The program offers 100% protection with on-access scanning feature to fight against the growing Mac viruses and to prevent serious cyber crimes. The security suite is an ideal choice if you want to avail extra protection against identity thefts, file corruption and illegitimate access to your device or credit card details.

2. ESET Cyber Security

The program is specifically designed to let users enjoy their time online without worrying about malicious codes, virtual threats, and other Internet security issues. The Internet security includes multiple layers of protection that safeguard you against online threats and identity thefts. The security program combines the capabilities of an antivirus & antispyware as well as some unmatchable features including Cloud-Powered Scanning, Removable Media Control, and Social Media Scanner. Its anti-Phishing feature allows you to clear off all the websites engaged in stealing usernames and banking details, which can be later used for fraudulent purposes. All in all, it is a complete Internet security program that features almost all the tools that VIPRE Internet Security has.

3. Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

Kaspersky Internet Security is a complete package that complements your Mac and ensures Internet security. The security program efficiently protects your Mac, your data and your children from crucial cyber threats and ensures optimal computing, browsing, and online gaming experience. Since the cyber market has seen a rapid growth in the volume of Mac malware and cyber criminals, targeting Mac users has become quite easier. Kaspersky’s Internet Security Suite safeguards you against losses related to data, identity, and money by keeping your sensitive information safe. The program is easy-to-use, features Mac-style interface, and delivers real-time protection against both Mac and PC malware to guard your Mac devices against sophisticated Internet security issues. The security software features all the common antivirus tools and includes specialized settings to activate Anti-malware Protection, Identity Protection, Internet Protection, and Advanced Parental Controls.

4. Avast Free Mac Security

Undoubtedly, Avast is one of the most popular companies that offer best free Internet security suites to make your online computing experience better and safer. The company realizes that Macs also need protection, so the new Free Mac Security program protects your Mac PC against heinous cyber crimes and stubborn malware infections. The free program is an ideal solution to block malicious content, prevent hackers from viewing your personal details and restricting illegitimate access to your systems. The security program features all the tools and capabilities that help you to maintain an additional security layer across your devices and online accounts. If you’re on a Mac running OS X, then the security program is an ideal choice to offer stable protection to your computing devices and that too for free.

5. Norton Internet Security 5 for Mac

Norton Internet Security 5 for Mac offers powerful protection for your Mac OS X PCs and provides advanced protection while surfing, banking and shopping online. The program offers high-end support to keep your identity safe online and its daily updates feature provides optimal support for late-breaking threats. Apart from offering advanced protection against viruses, spyware, hackers and more, the security suite is proficient in protecting iPhoto and iTunes files from virtual threats. Norton’s Safe Web and Safe Search features show warnings about the malicious content and blocking unsafe websites while surfing the web. The program’s Safe Search Toolbar, Antiphishing Technology, Smart Two-Way Firewall, Location Awareness, and Vulnerability Protection tools are some of the unmatchable features that you won’t find in any other Internet security program.


Undoubtedly, VIPRE Internet Security is one of the best online security programs that you can ever find, but you can also install other antivirus solutions to safeguard your computing experience. Since most of the infections and virtual threats attacks through Internet, sometimes availing best free Internet security programs aren’t enough to block such dangerous infections. Explore the web, find some of the best online security solutions, compare their features and then make a final decision to purchase an efficient online safety program.