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Try These Free Computer Maintenance Utilities to Clean up Your PC

Do you feel bad while paying heavy laptop repair service charges or remote tech assistance fees for just a regular device maintenance session? Do you think that how to clean a PC guides don’t feature optimal system maintenance utilities? If yes, then read this article to know about some free PC maintenance utilities that are specifically designed to clean up your PC.

There can a number of reasons for your slow PC, irresponsiveness system, and other common tech problems, but the challenge is how to resolve them and save your computer hardware as well as software components. Various tips and tricks of the PC world will help you remove viruses and vulnerable threats from your PC, but it isn’t all that you can do to maintain your device. You can install some of the popular yet free system maintenance utilities to clean up your PC and prevent various problems that may result in serious computer hardware damages.

If PC slowdowns and unresponsiveness are your main concerns then, try these free utilities that help you clean up and speed up the computer:

1. Auslogics Disk Defrag

A lot of PC experts will claim that the today’s hard drives don’t need to be defragmented as they don’t fragment when data get overwritten. But it is important to consider that defragmenting and re-arranging files on your disk makes your computing experience faster yet smoother. So install the free version of Auslogics Disk Defrag to make your everyday data access smoother, faster and hassle-free. The inbuilt defragmenter tools that come with Windows may not function optimally to remove the clutter from your hard disk drives, but this standalone freebie is an optimal solution. The software is easy to use, checks for disk errors, and consolidates free space to deliver a faster PC and browsing experience.

2. Glary Utilities

The latest version of this software is Glary Utilities 5, and you can download the same from its official website for free. The freebie ensures one-click maintenance of a PC and ensures that all its computer hardware components remain safe from uncertain PC world threats. You can select multiple or all the functions that you want to run, and the utility does the entire work in just a simple click. You will need to run the program manually, but the Pro edition works seamlessly in the background to ensure optimal and computing performance. Glary Utilities is an all-in-one utility for users who are looking for a complete package that can boost your PC’s speed and fix frustrating errors, crashes, and freezes.

3. Soluto

Soluto introduced itself as the ‘smart way to manage your PC, and it justifies its tagline as the solution is quite different from the rest of the computer maintenance utilities. The utility is a complete IT tool that can manage up to three computers and their activities to bring out outstanding speed and performance results. The software follows a cloud-based approach and users will have to pay a monthly fee if they wish to manage more than three computers. Soluto allows a user to have a complete check on what’s happening in each system by monitoring the PC’s to and from activities. The utility is the best for performing a wide array of PC maintenance functions and offers optimal support while installing new programs.

4. Advanced SystemCare 8

If you’re tired of using numerous PC maintenance and malware/virus monitoring software, then IObit’s Advanced SystemCare 8 is an ideal solution for you. The tool is proficient in optimizing, cleaning and securing your devices, networks, and PCs to ensure that you enjoy a faster and safer computing experience. The entire utility focuses on boosting up your registry, system, and Internet for delivering top performance with the help of available resources. Since the software can manage to run multiple tasks simultaneously, you can optimize, clean and fix a variety of PC problems with just one click.

5. System Mechanic

System Mechanic is a free utility by iolo, carrying almost every feature of the more powerful $40 version. The software is a complete package to manage your Windows PC’s security, optimization, speed, accuracy, and performance. The utility incorporates some of the best PC maintenance tools including Registry Tuner, startup optimizer, RAM leak repair, junk file cleanup, and program link repair. Additionally, the utility also features a shortcut repair tool and can offer multiple fixes for bad Internet connections.


Of course, there are hundreds of reasons behind your computers slow down, but you need to find the exact one to implement a perfect system maintenance strategy. Some common tips like restricting too many programs loading at the startup, keeping your software updated, and installing regular windows updates can save dollars for availing laptop repair service. Additionally, you can avoid malware, stubborn viruses, and other vulnerable threats by availing best antivirus protection and installing regular driver updates for your computer hardware!

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