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Try Using Outdoor Privacy Screens to Create an Instant Oasis

If you just love your back deck or porch or even just a corner of your yard, then using outdoor privacy screens are a great way to create you private little piece of heaven in your garden.

If you have a large yard and you don’t want to go down the road of construction to create that perfect sitting area where you can relax then consider simply walling part of it off with portable screens.

You can get these in different forms and they are very easy to install. You don’t need to auger holes or build fences at great expense, you can simply add a patio privacy screen that can simply stake into the ground or simply stand on their own. Here are a couple of examples. These are also great for rental properties where you can’t do any DIY construction projects.

Two Sided Privacy Screen for Decks or Patios

This white washed cedar screen is perfect for creating a relaxing space for yourself by blocking off two sides. It sits at right angles, and can simply be staked into the ground and will tolerate all kinds of weather. You can even grow vines up this one. Outdoor Privacy Screen

This setup is perfect for breaking up a large yard or to simply create an instant patio and outdoor living space that becomes more intimate. You can block yourself off from the neighbours or give yourself an instant wall for lining potted plants up against and create an instant and yet portable patio garden.

Hinged Privacy Screen for Any Area

This is another great way to instantly create your own little oasis in your yard. If there is a spot you truly love to sit out and enjoy the season, but feel a bit open to the elements or to the neighbours eyes, then this type of fence would work well. It is tall enough to give you full privacy, and yet you can also decide on where it should go with the hinged panels. As you can see in the picture it can create an instant and yet portable wall.

Hinged Outdoor Privacy Screen

If you rent your space, or don’t want to spend a lot of money on landscaping and permanent fencing, then using a portable privacy fence is an affordable way to create your oasis. You can stake these panels into the ground or you can permanently attach them, or you can simply let them stand on their own as in the picture and when you move you can take them with you.

They make the perfect backdrop for your potted plants, and with the screens and plants you can have a beautiful patio or deck looking perfect for tonight’s barbeque or simply to relax. It is fun to quickly make a beautiful place to hang out without spending a lot of money on construction.

So if you look out at your yard and see an expanse of green lawn and you would love to have your own little corner just to sit outside and relax, then create it with outdoor privacy screens, then get lots of large potted plants and group them together or even a portable outdoor pond so that you can have water noise too and you will enjoy your outdoor space without as much wear and tear on your wallet.

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