Trying to Increase Your Libido Can Lead to Skin Cancer

Millions of men in the US alone take drugs to help enhance their sex life. They have felt the effects of growing older and think that they need a little help to get them going in the bedroom. While the drugs are effective (although one could argue that a simple diet and exercise change could be just as effective), they also come with some risks. Those risks may not be exactly what the individual is looking for.

Viagra Can Lead to Blindness

Ever since Pfizer developed their hit drug Viagra in the late 1990’s, there have been reports of the drug causing vision problems. These problems can range from blurred vision, to outright blindness. The thing is, these changes don’t happen gradually. A man will take the pill, and then within minutes, as the chemicals are taking effect on his system, his vision rapidly deteriorates. Sudden blindness is a very real side effect of the little blue pill.

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Cause Melanoma

While going blind from taking Viagra has been known for quite a few years, there is another devastating side effect that can occur that researchers just discovered. It turns out that taking Viagra or Cialis can increase your risk of developing melanoma skin cancer. These pills, that are designed to enhance blood flow, actually cause a person to become more susceptible to mutated skin cells.

The actual process of how the drug leads to an increased risk of melanoma is not well known. But it has to do with how the drug interacts with the body and the melanin. It seems that the active ingredients can increase melanin production, an action that increases the risk of that melanin mutating and becoming melanoma.

The good news is that melanoma is fairly easy to treat. While nobody would ever WANT to get cancer, if they do develop a form melanoma would be the one. It is usually easy to spot since it is on the surface of the skin. Unless the cancer makes its way into the lymph nodes, it is easy to remove. In fact, the survival rate of melanoma is about 95% if caught in the first stage.

Despite the fact that melanoma is fairly easy to treat, why take the risk? Instead of turning to pills to answer problems that creep up with age, turn to natural remedies. Research aphrodisiacs, zinc supplements, and get yourself moving every day. That increased blood flow from walking around the block a few times after meals may be all that you actually need.