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Tsu – The Other Side of Social Media

Everyone is at a loss as to how one earns on Tsu (pronounced as “sue”). Sure, they know all about “infinite thirds”, where it looks more than a multi-level marketing model than a revenue share scheme. It goes on to suggest that growing your network of friends and sharing “quality content” is key. I beg to disagree, and highly doubt it to be lacking for several reasons.


One of its attraction in drawing in crowds lies in monetizing content (it has to be original, by the way) on its social media platform. Currently, revenue is distributed as follows:

10% of generated ad revenue goes back to Tsu, while

90% of ad revenue generated by user content goes to its creator. [See FAQ/ What is the Tsu Algorithm?]
Users focus on generating more from royalties brought by 90% of their earnings by sharing their own or other’s content, and growing their network aggressively without realizing how one generates ad revenues with their content in the first place?

Well, its fairly simple.
First, content must be generated FROM WITHIN the platform and not the other way around.

Finally, content must be shared to the OUTSIDE WORLD to bring in external views. Of course, internal views also count.




Users put up content by clicking on “Create” on the upper portion of their screen. This brings up the editor which allows a headline (title), text, and image for publishing.

Currently, its content editor does not allow spaces in between paragraphs (even if you put one while typing). This severely impedes readability, thus would probably serve as a caption to any image you put in, nothing more.

Though it allows links from other content sources such as a website, blog, YouTube video clips, etc. for as long as an embed code or url is included.


It currently allows 4 ways to share content to the outside world.

The first 2 are via Facebook (how ironic) and Twitter. These buttons are located under the content editor, simply click on any of them to tell the editor to distribute content to these platforms.

Another one, SHARE button beneath your content after it is posted on Tsu. This allows INTERNAL SHARE among your friends and other people under your network only.

Finally, content url. This is what is used to publish content to other UNSUPPORTED platforms. This helps bring in EXTERNAL views. This, by the way, brings inconvenience in getting the world to know what is published on Tsu because it requires 3 steps…

(make sure you are on page feed or click on the Tsu logo on top of your screen):

  1. click on “analytics”;
  2. pull up content you wish to share by clicking “view post” beside ;
  3. copy the url from your browser’s address bar.

The way I understand how the platform is set up, it favors ease in sharing content internally rather than externally, at the moment. Knowing that it is on its startup (beta) stage, I feel it has a long way to go. I highly doubt if it will consider adding dexterity to the editor as I feel it is more suitable for Tweeting or putting in short and catchy text rather than readable content.

Getting that elusive 90% revenue on Tsu does not rely solely on the size of your network and the kind of content you put up. Adding features to allow content readability contributes to its quality. While ease in sharing, with what users publish on its platform, outward makes significant contribution to is revenue potential.


Reference(s): Tsu FAQ

Credits: Koyasan by Dave Lau on Flickr is Licensed Under Creative Commons CC-BY 2.0 with additional text.

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