Turn Your Old Articles To Video For More Traffic

Whether you designed your website or blog to sell products, services, ads space or to make money from google adsense, your main focus will be to drive a lot of traffic to your site/blog. There are various free ways that people have been using to drive tons of traffic to their sites and one of them is video marketing.

These days, video marketing has become one of the effective ways of getting traffic to any site or blog as millions of people like to watch actions on video. A good video on youtube.com gets over 100,000 or more hits in a year. This shows how interested people are in watching videos.

You can now utilize the power of video to get a lot of traffic to your site/blog and make a lot of money from whatever you are selling.

You can now turn all your old and new articles into videos. What you will benefit from doing this is that you will be getting traffic from two avenues. You will get traffic from your articles and from your videos and you will be generating more money from your site because videos bring in a lot of traffic.

Turning your articles into video is now very easy if you use Article Video Robot. This is a powerful new technology that will transform any article you wrote into video. This technology is powerful in the sense that you don’t need to pay anybody to record the video for you. No camera is needed and you will not pay anybody to render voice over for you. The voices you will need have been programmed in the device. You will be the one to choose the voice that you need for your article. Male, female, young and older people voices have been programmed. All you have to do is to search, listen to the samples and select. If you feel like using your own voice, you can as well upload your own voice to be used on your article.

To convert your article to video, you will only need to copy your article and past it into the software and arrange your article into paragraphs; AVR will now automatically split them into paragraphs.

You will not need any download to use AVR and no installation is also required. It also runs on any OS including Mac and Linux. With video articles, you will get a lot of traffic, back links and google results. You already know that videos rank high in search engine. Start converting your articles to video now by using Article Video Robot.