News Turning a Small Space Into a Functional Home Office

Turning a Small Space Into a Functional Home Office


Turning a Small Space Into a Functional Home Office

In your home or apartment there might be a small area of your bedroom or living room that you would now like to try to convert into a home office. Or perhaps you have a tiny room available you can use. Even if you don’t, you can still create a home office from a corner or space along a wall in just about any room. What is the best way to arrange home office space in a small space area? There are no magic answers, but with a few of these suggestions, and some research, you can create a comfortable small space home office in just about any room in your house or apartment.
It’s also important to access how often you will be using your home office. Will it be only on weekends? Or will you be using your office space on a daily basis? If that is the case, you might not want to use an area in your bedroom; a small space in the living room could be used instead. Even an unused kitchen corner can work. Look around, decide what room would work best for your home office needs, and then get started.

A computer is the most essential of all home office equipment. If your computer is a laptop, you have more options in choice of a desk or computer table. Multifunctional furniture, perfect for any small space home, works well in small space home offices, especially with a laptop. A foldout or pull out shelf in a desk or cabinet will work. Otherwise, there are plenty of small space computer tables to choose from. Skip large furniture; it just takes up room and most of it becomes nonessential space clutter. Hideaway desks can’t be beat when it comes to small space home offices. These are basically desks built inside a cupboard. They range in price from under a hundred dollars up to a thousand dollars or more. Approach these according to your budget. Target sells computer armoires with cord management, shelves, and a keyboard tray for around ninety dollars on up in price. There is room for a printer or all in one machine. Another idea is a corner desk. Places such as EverythingOfficeFurniture have corner computer desks and tables in a variety of sizes and price ranges. An empty corner transforms into a home office area. Pieces can be added on later as desired. You can find computer tables that have five sides with keyboard trays and room underneath or even on the table for a printer. A nearby phone is also a good idea, unless you keep your cell phone for work handy. The more compact and useful your home office area, the less tempted you will be to wander off in your house or apartment to get something you need. Make sure you keep paper and writing tools handy, along with a desk calender with room for planning. Many people use a computer daily planner; this is fine, but sometimes it’s easier just to glance at your ‘day’ right on your desk.

Lighting is also important in any home office area. If the room itself does not offer overhead lighting above where you choose to work, a floor lamp will work just as well. These are slender enough to fit in just about any space! Use the best kind of lighting possible to avoid eye strain. A nearby window can be nice for natural light, especially on sunny days.

Once you have your office desk or table, and lighting set up, what else do you need for a successful small space home office? A little handy wastebasket nearby, and a chair. Make sure the chair is a comfortable desk or computer chair, especially if you will be spending long hours sitting in it. If there aren’t many shelves or drawers on the desk you are using, a few decorative wall shelves are nice. And don’t forget a pleasant picture or print or two on the walls. One last idea might be a small area rug to define your home office space. This will give you a border that others in the family can be taught to respect. With a few added touches such as these, your small space home office is complete and ready to use.

Turning a Small Space Into a Functional Home Office
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