Turning Simple Glass Seed Beads into art!

Creating a work of art with glass seed beads is not exactly the easiest. However the rewarding feeling of making something so beautiful can show creative sparks. As you can see in the picture that is posted here it is a drawing made of glass seed beads. Now I know what your thinking how can anyone sit there for so long and make something like this? Well the answer is if you have the time for it or you just wanted to try something creative it can happen. What your looking at is a fairly large format of what you can do with glass beads. How is this accomplished? To begin with basically having an idea of what you wanna draw or make is what helps you process how this is done. Drawing a few sketches or even writing down the ideas can help you in the long run for when you decide to make something like this. Once you have the format of your drawing on paper or any back ground surface you can then add additional detailing into your drawing because the more detailing you have in the drawing it will look more realistic with the glass beads added on. Once your drawing is completed on the surface you have chosen, you can then begin pasting the beads onto the surface. However remember this important tip before you glue or paste your glass beads make sure you pick out your color schemes of the drawing. When choosing your colors remember to have lighter and darker shades of colors you pick because that is where the additional detailing comes into play and will make your picture look more realistic. When you chosen your colors of beads you can then begin using glue or any paste, I recommend using clear school glue and rubber cement. As your pasting your beads onto your surface of the drawing you have made you want to make sure the beads are close together and as you paste the beads make sure you spread them evenly on your surface. While placing your beads you have to work one section at a time other wise it can become a sticky mess. Using a tooth pick is recommended for placing your glass beads on the surface using the tooth pick to place your beds will help keep them even and in one place on the surface. As you work section to section on your drawing of glass beads your allowing the paste to dry as you switch sections on your surface doing this will ensure the beads final touch will be smooth and no open spaces will be seen. Now as I mentioned before using clear glue and rubber cement will ensure that the beads will stick. the trick to that is using the rubber cement put two coats of that on the section your working on let it sit for 15 seconds then add the glue on top of the rubber cement and place your beads in that section. I also recommend when placing the beads on your surface you out line the objects in the drawing first then fill in with beads. Once a section is in the process of drying your beads spray it with an acrylic sealer to seal the glue an cement so when it drys the beads won’t fall off eventually. The acrylic sealer can be purchased in a local art store however take per caution that the sealer is very flammable and is very fumigating to try not to spray to much of the sealer in a closed off room the side effects of long exposure to the sealer can result in illness or death. If your every looking for an artistic edge or just wanna be creative give this a try and you don’t have to be a great drawer to do this either. Remember to have fun as you make something like this.