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Twin Lava Lamps Make Relaxation Twice as Groovy

Have you seen the new twin lava lamps? They come with two columns instead of the traditional one, allowing the “lava” to flow in two different designs at the same time. The two sides can come in different colors and even have different styles of lava. This design updates the retro feel of a lava lamp with a modern twist.

In this article, we’ll talk about how a lava lamp works, and tell you where you can find a twin columned lava lamp for yourself.

How a Lava Lamp Works

Have you ever wondered how a lava lamp works? Looking at the twin lava lamps made me wonder just what made the lava flow up and down so smoothly. The answer is rather simple and ingenious.There are some liquids that don’t mix with each other, like oil and water. These two are said to be insoluble with each other. Also, liquids come in different densities, which is a way of saying different heaviness per same amount.

To make a lava lamp, you need two liquids that are insoluble in each other, but have densities that are only slightly different. Oil and water would not work, because their densities are too different. A good combination would be mineral oil and alcohol.

When you have the two insoluble liquids of similar density, something magical happens when you apply heat at the bottom. The heat causes the heavier liquid to slowly expand. As it expands, it rises. As it rises, it begins cooling off again, which causes it to sink. This process happens over and over, which is what makes the flowing lava effect of a lava lamp.

You can make your own lava lamp, but you’ll find that it’s more expensive than buying one premade. There are several forums that tell you just how to do it, if you want to try it as a science experiment.If you want, you can watch this video that shows you how lava lamps work.

What About a Twin Columned Lava Lamp?

A twin lava lamp uses the same concept of slightly different density fluid. The only change is that you have two separate columns with the fluid mixtures. It can be the same mixture for both, or slightly different to make the lava rise and fall at a different rate. Each column also has its own heat source, usually a small light bulb at the bottom of the column. This light creates a soft glow which illuminates the flow of the liquid.

The motion of the two columns can create a very hypnotic effect. Plus, the color combinations that you can find are so much fun!

Where Can You Buy a Twin Lava Lamp?

It’s not as easy to find the dual columned lava lamp. There just aren’t as many manufacturers of it. But there are a few! One of the best places I found was just at Amazon. I’ve selected a few well reviewed lava lamps in the widget at the side. Alternatively, if you want to browse all the designs for yourself, you can go here.My favorite design there is this one.


I love the two columns with different designs. The contrast between the purple glitter and the green and blue blobs is just amazing. I also like the sleek silver frame for the lamp, and the wavy construction of the lava portion. You can find this lamp here.

Of course, there are other twin lava lamps there as well. If you don’t find what you want, I would recommend checking out ebay as well. And you can always try to make your own!

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