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Twitter Boost Strategies For Your Successful Social Promotion

It is important to note that the number of followers is not the most important indicator in Twitter, no talks and engagement of your followers. I suggest combining the indicator with other indicators that measure the influence of an account being engaged the most important.
Strategies to increase followers (followers) on Twitter are:

1. Select the general topic and the target audience Twitter account.
This strategy applies to those who have not started your Twitter account. Whether the issue Twitter account as the target audience (current and potential supporters) are closely related, and in my opinion, you can first select either. This is possible because the target audience determines the theme and the theme determines the target audience.

It is necessary for the description of the Twitter account has the keys of interest and desirable words also the name has them. It is very important that the description is written in the language of their tweets.It is important to note that you must set up your account to make it enjoyable (change background colors) and never let egg photo that comes by default.

2. Create value-added content to your target audience
It is very important to ongoing efforts to better understand their target audience. I think that having a target audience with a common interest in a topic is better than if the target audience has general interests.
You must create content that is interesting to your target audience, so that will generate added value.
You have two options for the value-added content: a blog with own content or content from other authors.

2.1. A blog to write your own content
In my case this Digital Marketing blog helps me a lot to go orienting items according to the preferences of the people. Even at one time I did a survey to ask what to write and take this information as a reference for new articles.
If you write your own content I suggest avoiding light items that provide little information to visitors as often create expectations that are not met, causing dismay from fans.
2.2. Content of other
It is completely valid to use other content to generate added value to their followers. When directing his followers to content that is not done by you will always recommend reading the article you will recommend to avoid directing their followers to items that do not have quality.
It is also important to have sources of information on the subject of interest allowing you to take this content and easy-date manner.

2.3. Ways to identify the content that adds value
There are several ways to identify what type of content adds value to your target audience:

  • By the number of retweets your tweet.
  • By the number of mentions of your tweet.
  • By the number of clicks on your tweet.
  • Asking his followers the topics they are interested in via surveys or tweets.

3. Be consistent in sending tweets

If you ask the ideal number of tweets for an account to grow, my answer would be minimum 5 a day, seven days a week (this is the approach I use in my own).
Many successful twitters sent many tweets a day (50 to 100). If you do so, it is important not to lose sight that must add value to each of them. In my case I work full time at a consulting firm and teach at the university in the night, I am difficult to send more tweets a day.
In my case to ensure added value in the tweets I avoid sending tweets of thanks to my new followers and try to avoid tweets not understand out of context.
The tools allow you to schedule tweets are ideal for people who like me, you can not do on the day. Buy Twitter Followers could be great option for you. If you follow my suggestion then this twitter follower will work great for you.

4. Interact with fans
When my fans ask me questions or provide me through a tweet or direct message, I answer always trying by name via a direct message. Do not use a tweet to prevent, as mentioned before, you can not understand the tweet out of context.
When there is an answer that can not be done in 140 characters invite the follower to leave the question in the blog where you could respond more extensive and complete.

It is important to identify the fans that are inactive to stop following (I stop following all the fans that have not sent tweets in 1 month).
You can be sure that by following the guidelines in this article may well grow their Twitter accounts.

Points to consider:
I leave you with a question for comment:
Do you know any additional strategy for growth in Twitter users? Tell us which.

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