Twitter Dangers: What are some of the Dangers Associated with Using Twitter?

Twitter is becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages; just as with any type of online social networking there inherent dangers with Twitter that everyone should be aware of before using this newer way of communicating. Parents need to be especially careful to watch children on any internet site, especially one that is a large social network, and Twitter is no exception. Even adults may not have thought about all of the following dangers, but everyone needs to keep these issues in mind when using Twitter.

Revealing Your Location to Strangers

In some cases people tweet out what it is they are doing today or tomorrow and do not realize the sheer number of fellow Twitter users that are also able to see where it is you will be and when. Also, for those who tweet using a mobile device, if location services are turned on, you may very well be telling others where you are at all times. While this may seem harmless it is in fact not a good idea, especially for children, to be telling the world and people who may not have our nest interests at heart where we are all of the time.

Being Hacked

There are all kinds of problems associated with being hacked. In the world of twitter where thousands of people see our tweets we must be especially mindful of the fact that should a hacker send out embarrassing tweets from our account the vast majority of people who see it will not know this is something you would never do personally. Hackers can also get our list of followers and any other personal information we share with twitter itself.

Becoming Less Personal

Some feel that using twitter rather than talking to one another or sitting together in the same room to communicate will make mankind less caring for one another and less personally involved with one another. There has also been some suggestion that seeing shocking or sad news processes more easily than seeing good news or the good in someone. This means that getting information in snippets may adversely affect the way we think about good things or morality in some way.

Leaking Information

Secrets can and do get out on Twitter and are often posted by people using a pseudonym so that no one is ever quite sure as to where the leak is in an organization or a family or a group of friends. For instance Jane tells 10 colleagues about a new project that will be announced by her company in a few days. One of those people tweet about the project to a friend and that tweet is seen by far more people than anyone realizes, resulting in conflicts and even seriously compromising some projects or relationships.

Keep in mind that just like chat rooms and Facebook and other online communications, there are always the unscrupulous who will manipulate others or take advantage of a child or gullible adult. The dangers of twitter are real and should always be kept in mind when using this social networking site.