Two Advanced Methods to Troubleshoot the “0x0000007B” Error

Fixing Windows OS errors can be tiresome for you, but applying right PC troubleshooting tips can make it work like never before, in a few minutes only. Availing laptop repairs or PC fixing services from local vendors is not the only solution for troubleshooting PC errors. Read below to know how you can fix “0x0000007B” without paying even a single dollar from your wallet.

A Windows PC can be a storehouse for all your valuable details, data, files, folders, and other applications that you cannot think of compromising. A sudden virus attack or an uncertain shutdown may cause irreparable damage to your computer parts and end up turning it irresponsive. These Windows system errors are annoying, and they may occur on your PC screens anytime. Various tech support companies are available 24/7 to fix such troublesome computing errors, but they may charge heavy repair bills for the service.

Read below to know about the best computer support methods that can help you to resolve the error code with ease:

What is the Error All About?

You may receive the ‘Stop 0x0000007B’ error message after you remove the Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum program. The error code is likely to appear when you try to restart the computer after removing the Roxio Easy CD Creator application. It is a blue screen error, and it may not allow you to boot your Windows PC normally until you resolve it. Reinstalling the Roxio’s Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum Edition may also display the error code on your device and will showcase the following error description:

“*** STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF741B84C, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

What are the Possible Causes of the Error?

Users may face the issue when the ‘PrtSeqRd.sys’ file and ‘UpperFilters’ don’t get removed from the Windows registry. In most of the cases, the application files and residues get deleted automatically, whenever a user deletes a program. If the ‘PrtSeqRd.sys’ file and ‘UpperFilters’ exist in the Windows registry even if you have uninstalled the Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum, the error code may appear on Windows boot up.
Two Advanced Tech Support Methods to Troubleshoot the Error Code

Method1: Disable the ‘Easy CD Creator’ Services

1. Power on your PC and boot from the Windows 2000 CD-ROM.
2. Press the ‘S’ key to add a third-party hard disk controller and insert the floppy disk containing the correct driver.
3. Now, press ‘R’ key on your keyboard to select ‘Repair.’
4. Press ‘C’ key to select the ‘Recovery Console’ option.
5. Type the correct number representing the Windows 2000 installation and the Administrator password, when the wizard prompts.
6. Access the ‘%windir%System32Config’ folder and rename the ‘System’ file to ‘’ file.
7. Now, rename the ‘System.old’ file to ‘System.’
8. Open the ‘Drive:WinNT’ prompt, type the following commands and hit Enter after each line:
“cd system32config
ren system
ren system.old system”
9. Now, type the “cd C:WinNTSystem32Drivers” command in the Command Prompt and press Enter to navigate to the ‘%windir%System32Drivers’ folder.

10. Type the following commands in the Command Prompt and press Enter after each command:

“ren prtseqrd.sys prtseqrd.old
copy diskperf.sys prtseqrd.sys”
11. Now, disable the following Roxio services by typing the “disable ServiceName” and then hit Enter:
a. Cdr4_2K
b. Cdralw2k
c. Cdudf dvd_2K
d. Mmc_2K
e. PrtSeqRd
f. Pwd_2K
g. UdfReadr
12. Type “exit” command and press ENTER to exit Recovery Console.
13. Now, restart the computer to check if the error gets resolved.

Method2. Edit the ‘System Hive’ from a Windows installation

1. The first thing you require to do is to perform a parallel installation of Windows.
2. Enter in the new installation of Windows, and click the ‘Start’ button.
3. Click ‘Run’ and type “regedit” command in the ‘Run’ dialog box.
4. Now, scroll down to the entire list of registry entries and click the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” key.
5. Click the ‘Load Hive’ option from the Registry menu that appears.
6. Now, locate the ‘%SystemRoot%System32Config’ folder of the original Windows installation.
7. Click the ‘System’ file and select the ‘Open’ option from the menu that appears.
8. Type “test” in the Load Hive box and click ‘OK’ to continue.
9. Browse the web and search for tutorials to edit the test registry subkeys.
10. Now, click ‘Test’ and select the ‘Unload Hive’ option on the ‘Registry’ menu.
11. Click ‘Yes’ to confirm the unloading of the test registry subkeys.
12. Quit Registry Editor and restart your device to the original Windows installation.


Sometimes fixing the “0x0000007B” error code may result in causing some uncertain PC problems that are difficult to deal with, so be extra careful while modifying the registry keys. Always try to find out PC troubleshooting guides that contain complete information about the error code and its error-fixing tips. If you think that you’re unable to resolve the error or anything has gone wrong, then simply contact your computer support partner to overcome such situations. Online tech support firms can handle all your laptop repairs, but managing security and privacy becomes a great challenge while connecting to a remote server.