News Two classic style which look incredibly beautiful

Two classic style which look incredibly beautiful


Two classic style which look incredibly beautifulThe possibilities of interior decoration are higher than ever. Design is progressing, and it is evident. There are more and more ideas that were thought to be impossible, styles are being mixed more than ever. But, some styles always remain at the highest level and as the best of the best.

These two styles are something that is seen all around the world, in many homes, but they always remain classic and beautiful. They are great for any space.

African style – for a mystic tone

This is a trend that really doesn’t go out of fashion. Energetic colors combined with earthy tones are the foundation of this style. Details like animal print on fabric accents the extravaganza of this style, and the recognizable masks and wooden figures of all sizes really bring in a mystic note in the space. The receipt for interior decorating is simple. The warmth of the sun, the sand and the wealth of animal and plant life goes into the space, and the amount of all these decorational details can be adjusted to personal likes. If you like a more crowded space, you can use more of the little figurines and details in your space, and if you don’t and you’re somewhat more of a purist, just go with less. Both of these changes work great.

Warm and earthy tones, small accessories and ethnic patterns are a very good combo if you want a note of African life in your home. If you like animal print, be free to use them in your decoration because they can be used with this style very well. Zebra print and fabrics in rich shades of brown, yellow and orange are a great choice for the furniture and the walls. There are plenty of options, you just need to let your imagination wonder.

Victorian style – for warmth and elegance

As the name says, it got it’s name after the English queen Victoria, and that piece of info hints some characteristics of this style. Although it’s peak was in the second half of the 19th century, today there are those who decide for decorating their home in this style, which really breathes a special atmosphere, warmth and elegance. It is characterized by massive furniture, mostly mahogany or rosewood, and the motives of the decor are mostly flower pattern details. It is characterized by massive furniture, mostly from mahogany or rosewood, and the motives of the decor are most often details with flower patterns.

The curtains are often decorated with long , and the common element in this style are oval chair backs and marble surfaces. Materials and wallpapers are usually covered in various motives and intense colors, and the luxurious chandeliers and carpets, as well as paintings and mirrors with rich frames. Window blinds don’t really go well with this style, but you can try to fit them in.

This is a truly classic style which look incredibly beautiful. Everybody knows about it, and there’s rarely a person who doesn’t like it.

Two classic style which look incredibly beautiful
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